Why Disney/Marvel should cross over the current Fox/X-Men instead of doing a hard MCU Reboot.

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Within the comics, the X-Men and Avengers among others have more or less lived within the same Universe’s throughout the multiverse. However, when it comes to the movies, both Disney/Marvel and Fox/Marvel’s film camps have built separate yet pretty fantastic respective universes.At the heart of these two universes Both Hugh Jackman & Robert Downey Jr have blessed the silver screen and won the hearts of movie and comic fans alike with perfect portrayals of Wolverine & Iron Man-



so much so, it’s almost impossible to picture anyone else taking on either role. Both Titans were the glue and the driving force behind keeping these universes connected and going forward. Both companies have worked hard to build their brands and I would hate to see fox’s Maevel-verse end or go to waste so to speak.

We know the X-Men Universe to treat mutants and those with abilities completely different than how the avengers have been viewed by the public post civil war etc.Thus begins my argument to why Marvel should have a crossover event I.E Infinity War or Avengers Vs X-Men etc.

The main problem with suddenly combining entire universes together is that if your going to say that the x-men and Avengers suddenly just exist together, you are also going to have to pull the people who have hated mutants for years into the mix as well and that just doesn’t seem plausible.

The best case scenario in my opinion would be Fox’s X-Men getting pulled into our universe perhaps via some infinity glove shenanigans.

Assuming Thanos eventually gets all the stones within either of the two movies, I can see Thanos doing things like messing up time and space to the point where we not only see characters from other universes colliding but even time itself.It opens up the door to things like the Savage Land (a jungle where dinosaurs exist in current day)The Negative Zone (antimatter universe ) Even the Spider-Verse etc.

My point though is that, I sort of like the idea of seeing this Wolverine we’ve grown up with and have seen go through his own trials & seasoned adventures and has basically lived and died,that he would basically be able to check “Multiverse Traveler off of his bucket list.Its slightly better than having some new wolverine needing to earn our trust before we care for his new adventures etc. The same goes for Deadpool and the rest of the respective x-men actors who play those roles well.I see no reason why they can’t all just be sucked in and out of their own universes for specific events and then go back to their universe after just like Super Girl does when she crosses over to the arrow-verse etc (DC reference, don’t hate me lol).

All in all, this kind of crossover would change the landscape of comic films even further, as seeing two different franchises collide when for years knowing they were separate would be mind blowing. The same could be said if dc ever decides to cross over their tv and film universes.

Last thoughts. Seeing a new younger spider man with Tom Holland was a dope surprise in civil war but how crazy would it have been to have some doctor strange shenanigans let him catch a glimpse of Andrew Garfield or Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man.I am still hoping something like that could happen via a sSpider verse film.On another note who doesn’t want to see Hugh Jackmans Wolverine and Ryan Renalds Deadpool fight side by side with R.D’s Iron Man, Westley Snipes Blade, and Howard the duck lol..Now I’m just fanning out..Marvel Zombies anyone?


Now Available On Spinrilla.com & more

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GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Robots

 Part 1 of an interconnected 2 part mixtape by Nonsenze (The Rapper) aka Dork Geniuz (The Producer) & Spawning from Nonsenze’s “GameDork mixtape/album series, this record” Eat Sleep Kill Robots includes both original & sampled production, produced by himself under the Dork Geniuz alias. Inspired by various video games, Hip-Hop, stoner & geek culture, Nonsenze attempts to take the Nerdcore genre to the next level, inspire the creative & take you on a journey into a true Dork’s mind. Simply put, this tape is for true Hip-Hop heads & gamers who respect the art.


GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Zombies

The direct follow-up and part 2 to Nonsenze (The rapper) aka Dork Geniuz (The Producer’s) GameDork: Eat Sleep Kill Robots mixtape.As part of the GameDork mixtape/album series, each tape is interconnected, via specific songs, beats,theme & or lyrical content.Though more hardcore & even a bit dark or Holloween in theme, much like its predecessor, this Record (Eat Sleep Kill Zombies) includes both original & sampled production all produced by himself under the Dork Geniuz alias.Inspired by various new & oldschool video games, zombie flicks, Hip-Hop, stoner & geek culture, Nonsenze attempts to drop yet another classic for those who crave something original yet nostalgic

Both of these Mixtapes are available now via SpinrillaItunes (R) Itunes (Z),Spotify,DatPiff,SoundCloud,Pandora,GooglePlay, Tidal,Apple Music,Rhapsody,IHeartRadio,Bandcamp,Noisetrade and many more.

Ratchet & Clank FFA Vita Finally out Tomorrow

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Just a quick Reminder that Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault for Playstation Vita finally drops tomorrow. For a lot of us this has been a long ride as the game had been delayed twice, while it was supposed to originally be released the same day as the console version as a part of Sony’s Cross-buy program. For those who are still under a rock regarding cross-buy, it basically allows Ps3 owners to buy Ps3 versions of games while receiving free downloadable versions of the Ps vita counterparts. Other games that have supported this so far are games like Gauacamelee, Playstation Allstars Battle Royal, Retro City Rampage, Soundshapes & more.


As far as R&C FFA goes, I have played the Ps3 version and liked it so much that I stopped playing to single player campaign, so I could continue on the Vita version using the cross-save feature. This has been one hell of a wait…lol…Come tomorrow I can finally continue playing this awesome game while also trying out the new cross-play feature that allows Ps3/ps vita owners to play with & against each other .For those who still havent tried the game out, R&C FFA takes the classic gameplay of the R&C series and adds a new element of tower & base defense as you have to protect your bases from several alien forces & robots etc. I look forward to testing out the Vita version and I hope its a beautiful as it looks…

UPDATE: Overall, R&C FFA Vita is the same exact game with silght Frame-rate issues via single player & for some reason way darker than its console counterpart. Oddly enough, the multiplayer is just fine and doesn’t acquire the same issues. Sadly, I would still have to recommend the console version first if you are thinking of playing this game. I cant help but think that Sony could’ve saved a lot of money by just adding remote-play & cross-controller support.

Xbox 720 reveal tomorrow “Who’s Ready

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With the Ps4’s reveal already passed us, most of us are already on board and have made a conscious decision to support Sony’s newest console when it releases towards the end of the year. With so many rumors and bad press regarding the xbox 720, we are still waiting to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve that can possibly compare & compete with the Ps4. Come tomorrow, that wait will be over and with E3 right around the corner, we can only expect both Microsoft & Sony to bring nothing less than their A game’s to the show. Seeing as Microsoft has seen all the goodies that Sony has to offer with the Ps4, we can assume Microsoft had went back to the drawing board to take away or add some extra competing or compelling features & secure exclusive games that will amaze all gamers alike. Whatever the case, Microsoft has a lot to prove as Sony has tons  of surprises for both the Ps4 & the Playstation Vita.

Though I own both an Ps3 & 360 I have never really been a fan of the fact Xbox required you to pay for services to do anything online, especially when you could do all the same stuff for free on the Ps3. With that said I am pretty much their biggest critic at this point. You can watch the Nextbox reveal tomorrow at around 8am or so on IGN here . I will try to report on anything I find interesting and keep you up to date. 

New PS All-Stars: Zeus & Isaac, MediEvil + The Unfinished Swan Level

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: ZeusPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Isaac

2 new challengers will be joining the Ps All-Stars roster March 19 2013.

Who are they? Well none other than the god Zeus himself & Dead Space’s Isaac Clark courtesy of EA. Both characters are extremely Bad A** and have many interesting details too their details to their being & movesets. For instance, the light strip on Isaac back actually changes color depending on whether you are winning or loosing in battle. Zeus’s moves can change and increase in power depending out the direction and holding various attack buttons.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

There will also be a level mash up of  MediEvil and Unfinished Swan which looks awesome…Fans of both franchises will notice many easter eggs thrown about.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2



Each character will be 4.99 each while the Level known as ” Graveyard will be 1.99 but the nice people at Sony Santa Monica have stated that if you buy  the new upcoming God of war: Ascension the characters will be FREE as a redeemable downloadable voucher code.God of war launches on March 12th. To get more detailed information about the characters and level, check out the full article on the playstation blog  and watch this detailed video where Seth Killian goes over the movesets, supers and all with the IGN boys.



Kat & Emmet 2 week Free Dlc coming next month+more

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PlayStation All-Stars: KatPlayStation All-Stars: Emmett

Incase you havent been following Superbot, the PlayStationblog , or dont own a Facebook page, Superbot has just informed us that the new Kat & Emmet Dlc will be arriving Feb 12 2013 and as stated before, will be free for the first 2 weeks. The new level “Fearless’ based on Heavenly sword which comes equipped with a Wipeout mash-up will also be available in Feb but will not be free. No word on pricing just yet, nor do we know how much the free dlc will cost after the 2 weeks. More excitedly, Superbot expresses that we will hear some more news about forth coming dlc characters in March. Just enough time to try out and wear out the new characters and keep p the hype. You can find all the specifics plus character trailers HERE

Games and guns dont Kill People, Real guns and People Kill People.

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Over the past few months if not years, there has been plenty waves of GUN violence at various schools, malls, movie theaters neighborhoods and even churches. With tons of innocent people & children being the targets, each killer seems to have no remorse for what they’ve done, some even killing themselves in the process leaving no explanation to the chaos they just unleashed upon the world. One things for sure, and thats that they were all mentally unbalanced. The one thing they find in the younger Killers though is they usually  play or have played violent video games. This connection alone has always tried to put a bad light  on violent video games, so what do I think?

I hate real violence but I have no problem with violence in movies & video games. It’s a different story for movies that are based on true stories though, like passion of the Christ, Titanic (lol), Elephant etc. Those are the one thing I have always had a hard time viewing due to just not wanting to see how a tragedy actually hadn’t etc. Though I play everything from Super mario, Playstation All-Stars & Little Big Planet, some of my more favorite games involve shooting tons of zombies, aliens, various human enemies or random pedestrians like Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Red Dead Redemption,COD, Max Payne or Far cry 3. Though its fun to laugh and kill people in most these games, what I can say for most of us gamers is that video games/movies in no way trigger anything in our minds that makes us want to do it in real life to anybody. In fact, for me, the only thing that ever made me want to get a real gun was when I got mugged when I was younger but I would take a Green Light Saber any day.

Now do I think that someone with a mental illness might get a different Kick out of these types of video games?Yes. These games most likely do play a (small) part in their would be fantasy to murder, kill or get revenge on those they may feel have failed them in some way or bullied them sporadically. But do I blame those video games on triggering the violence?NO. I believe with every mass killer, there is always something unknown and underlined going on in their lives that we just wont & dont understand early enough & eventually, they just snap and its too late. So even if they had never played those video games they probably would’ve tried to kill another way.

For most kids, its not having the tools or the ability to deal with family issues, peer pressure or being made fun of at school, home & work etc . When it comes to those issues, we have to point my fingers at both the parents and society because throughout life there hasn’t been enough examples of heroes and people that stand up for others and try to understand them. The Parents also have to be careful how they are treating and raising their kids as well as each other. A mom or dad may be to strick and violent with the child or significant other and when children are exposed to stuff like that constantly they grow up with that same anger and most likely withdraw from the world or become bullies. In some cases, the parents just dont pay attention to their kids and what they get into or what they might be influenced by and that can hurt them and everybody in the long run. On a separate note, there is a fine line between being influenced by drugs/gang life & having an erge to kill someone for either no reason or because they laughed at you all year at high-school or college etc.

So where am I on gun violence? I do believe that either only law enforcement should be allowed to use guns or that all bullets should be replaced by rubber ones.Yes there will always be someone somewhere who guns a real gun or bullet from some unknown source or some guy in some basement who knows how to make them but at this point in time everybody needs to work together to boycott real life violence. The less guns the better because whats to say any gun collector wont just up and snap or maybe someone gets robbed and the robbers kill them and get away with their guns etc.

I dont even know if I am making any points here but the fact is that stopping violence in video games will not help the problem, it will just hurt gamers. People & Parents have to limit mental persons & children’s video game habits at a certain age just as they would with certain movies etc.Either way, new games will always be made and the old ones will always be there. How you handle it from here on out is up to you.