Listen to “Songs About Nothing by Nonsenze

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 Photo Jun 04, 1 27 17 PMInspired by Hip-Hop & the cult video game ” Hotline Miami. This is one of my personal favorite joints. Also available on Itunes, Spotify ,Pandora Radio , Tidal,  Apple Music & many more. You may also support/buy , stream and download directly from Nonsenze at

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Listen to ‘Nonsenze’s Song ‘Paint

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Nonsenze Paint

Off of Nonsenze ” Game Dork : Eat Sleep Kill Robots, inspired by pure #oldschool #Hip-Hop grafitti & plenty of #redbull lol… #respectthecraft . Also available at Itunes,Spotify,Pandora, Apple, GooglePlay, BandCamp and more..

Listen to’Locust by ‘ Nonsenze

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Off of Nonsenze ” Game Dork : Eat Sleep Kill Zombies, inspired By the critically acclaimed video game “Gears Of War. Now on Itunes, Spotify, Pandora, and more. You may also support me directly via .

Listen to’ Nonsenze – Everythings Under Control

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Off of Nonsenze ” Game Dork :Eat Sleep Kill Zombies, inspired By #Han Solo & #StarWars. What more can I say?

R.I.P Princess Leigh #carriefisher may your force ghost live on in the hearts of all who cherish your great pressense.

Song also available via Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play, Bandcamp & many more.


All New SoundCloud All New Music

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Sup dorks..To gear up for my new upcoming project, I will be posting 1 song a day from my Game Dork Mixtape/Album Series, along with new covers for each song. My new SoundCloud can be found at .

The old one remains for those you just can’t wait.

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Why I’m excited for Avengers 3 and 4.

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Avengers Infinty War and it’s bigger baby bruvuh aka The untitled “Avengers 4, is almost right around the corner for our lovely eyes to gaize apon.While other Avengers films have come before, I’m more excited for these films than anything because I love the Russos work and know that they are huge fans of these films and characters just like us. These movies are said to be culminations of everything that’s happened and will happen thus far in the mcu, so with so many peices in this vast puzzle I know all these characters are in good hands. Though there are still moments I hope for personally that I dont know whether or not they will be in these films such as Spiderman getting a symbiote,adventures into other dimensions like marvel zombies or characters from the marvel Netflix and TV shows or even X-Men/fantastic 4 to show up, I just know whatever they do I will be happy with. There is always a fine line between what you expect to happen vs what actually will happen in the properties you love.

The Russos have the hard job of both A.loosely adapting a well known story while also throwing in twists to keep it fresh, and every single character a tremendous story arch and action scenes that make fanboys and girls mouths drop for years to come. The Russos know how to tell stories in the real world no matter how fantastical things may seem.Somehow I completely believed that cap,winter soldier and black panther were all running faster than cars going what seemed like 45-60 mph. Civil war also delivered a heart felt story that enabled the audience to actualy see things from both sides and actually end up agreeing with both.All in all, the Russos have so many characters to play with and so many characters moments and team ups we have yet to see.I mean Avengers 4 has wrapped filming and we haven’t seen any set footage from that film with captain marvel,Doctor strange and more for that matter, let alone Hawkeyes whereabouts are unknown as he isn’t Tim the first infinty war teailort. These are the many reasons why I’m excited for these films. Leave your own thoughts down in the comments below.What are you most hopeful to see in both Avengers Films.

Why Disney/Marvel should cross over the current Fox/X-Men instead of doing a hard MCU Reboot.

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Within the comics, the X-Men and Avengers among others have more or less lived within the same Universe’s throughout the multiverse. However, when it comes to the movies, both Disney/Marvel and Fox/Marvel’s film camps have built separate yet pretty fantastic respective universes.At the heart of these two universes Both Hugh Jackman & Robert Downey Jr have blessed the silver screen and won the hearts of movie and comic fans alike with perfect portrayals of Wolverine & Iron Man-



so much so, it’s almost impossible to picture anyone else taking on either role. Both Titans were the glue and the driving force behind keeping these universes connected and going forward. Both companies have worked hard to build their brands and I would hate to see fox’s Maevel-verse end or go to waste so to speak.

We know the X-Men Universe to treat mutants and those with abilities completely different than how the avengers have been viewed by the public post civil war etc.Thus begins my argument to why Marvel should have a crossover event I.E Infinity War or Avengers Vs X-Men etc.

The main problem with suddenly combining entire universes together is that if your going to say that the x-men and Avengers suddenly just exist together, you are also going to have to pull the people who have hated mutants for years into the mix as well and that just doesn’t seem plausible.

The best case scenario in my opinion would be Fox’s X-Men getting pulled into our universe perhaps via some infinity glove shenanigans.

Assuming Thanos eventually gets all the stones within either of the two movies, I can see Thanos doing things like messing up time and space to the point where we not only see characters from other universes colliding but even time itself.It opens up the door to things like the Savage Land (a jungle where dinosaurs exist in current day)

The Negative Zone (antimatter universe ) Even the Spider-Verse etc.

My point though is that, I sort of like the idea of seeing this Wolverine we’ve grown up with and have seen go through his own trials & seasoned adventures and has basically lived and died,that he would basically be able to check “Multiverse Traveler off of his bucket list.Its slightly better than having some new wolverine needing to earn our trust before we care for his new adventures etc. The same goes for Deadpool and the rest of the respective x-men actors who play those roles well.I see no reason why they can’t all just be sucked in and out of their own universes for specific events and then go back to their universe after just like Super Girl does when she crosses over to the arrow-verse etc (DC reference, don’t hate me lol).

All in all, this kind of crossover would change the landscape of comic films even further, as seeing two different franchises collide when for years knowing they were separate would be mind blowing. The same could be said if dc ever decides to cross over their tv and film universes.

Last thoughts. Seeing a new younger spider man with Tom Holland was a dope surprise in civil war but how crazy would it have been to have some doctor strange shenanigans let him catch a glimpse of Andrew Garfield or Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man.I am still hoping something like that could happen via a sSpider verse film.On another note who doesn’t want to see Hugh Jackmans Wolverine and Ryan Renalds Deadpool fight side by side with R.D’s Iron Man, Westley Snipes Blade, and Howard the duck lol..Now I’m just fanning out..Marvel Zombies anyone?