Is Playstation Allstars Battle Royal Nintendo’s New competition?

Written by Chris Neely (Dork Geniuz)


With Playstation All-stars Battle Royal coming out next month on Nov 20th for both Playstation 3 & the Ps-Vita, those of us who are excited about the game (winks his eye with mouth slightly open), simply cant get enough news. Directed by Omar Kendall, the Ps3 version is being Developed by Superbot Entertainment, while the Vita version is being developed by Bluepoint Games, both of which are working together respectively to give us the perfect cross-platform console + handheld experience.With cross-play,Hd graphics,online multiplayer,fun & rememberable characters & gameplay, Ps all-stars has the potential to beat Nintendo to the punch before they even finish the New Smash Bros for 3ds & Wii-u.



So far, about 20 playable characters have been announced to be in Ps all-stars. Among those mentioned were” Big DaddyCole MacGrathEvil Cole MacGrathColonel RadecDanteFat PrincessHeihachi MishimaJak and Daxter, Kratos, Nariko, Nathan DrakePaRappa the RapperRaidenRatchet and ClankSackboySir Daniel FortesqueSly CooperSpikeSweet ToothToro(click character names to see bio’s).Now some may argue that this is LAME due to A.Smash bros having 35 characters,B.%30 of the spaces in psa are being taken over by 3rd party characters & 2 separate version of Cole MacGrath,3.None of the 20 are crash ,Spyro the dragon, Sora or Cloud.4.Third party characters got priority over 1st party like Wander & Ico & 5.There are no psp or ps vita reps like Kat(Gravity Rush) & Aveline (Assassins Creed III liberation) As we await its Nov 20th release we still may have hope for secret unknown character unlocks & DLC characters weeks and months after. With that said My personal requests for this game are as follows:

1.Crash Bandicoot


3.Kat(gravity Rush) & Aveline (assassins creed)ps vita reps

(Final fantasy)

5.Sora & Riku
(Kingdom Hearts)

6.Pyrimid head(Silent hill)

7.Abe(Abes odysee)


9.Laura Croft(Tomb raider

(Metal gear solid)

Bonus characters

11.Brave fencer musashi

12.Wander & Ico 
(Shadow Of The Colossus & ICO

13.Scott pilgrim
(Scott Pilgrim Vs the world)

14.Zit,Pimple & Rash(Battletoads

15.Chris,Leon,Claire,Jill(resident evil)

16.Death Jr(psp rep)

17.dead head fred
(psp rep)

18.Commander Shepard
(Mass effect)

19.ZombieJohn M(red dead redemption)


Each character also has minions from there world that you can choose to help you beat the S*** out your oponents.Among a leak released the following are said to be minions

▪Athena (God of War)

▪Captain Qwark (Ratchet & Clank)

▪Dollface (Twisted Metal)

▪Helghast (Killzone)

▪Kai (Heavenly Sword)

▪Kat (DMC)

▪Keira (Jak & Daxter)

▪Kiya (MediEvil)

▪Kuma (Tekken)

▪Little Sister (BioShock)

▪Monkey (Ape Escape)

▪Murray (Sly Cooper)

▪Nix (Infamous 2)

▪Pierre (Doko Demo Issho)

▪PJ Berri (Parappa the Rapper)

▪Sackbot (LittleBigPlanet 2)

▪Sam (Metal Gear Rising)

▪Sully (Uncharted)

▪Worker (Fat Princess)

▪Zeke (Infamous)




In multiplayer, it has been confirmed that there will be both online and local play. Online, SuperBot Entertainment will run tournaments and competitions. They have also confirmed that team play with any number of players is possible (eg. 1v1, 2v2, 3v1 etc.). It is not known at this time whether or not local and online players will be able to play together, and if this is the case, whether or not the game will allow for multiple PSN accounts to sign in.

These are the game modes:

  • Timed Mode:

Players try to get the highest score possible within a time-limit. Killing a player scores you 2 points, getting killed causes you to lose 1. The lowest score you can have is -2.

  • Stock Mode:

Players have to compete with a set number of lives, whoever is the last person alive wins the match.


A few details have been revealed about the Single-Player modes.

  • Story Mode:

It is known there will be a story-based mode with a progression system similar to tekken.At the game’s announcement Omar Kendall revealed that there would be an end-game boss. At an Evo 2012 panel, he explained that they had to decide wether to draw insipiration from a single game, or do something more general, but then went on to say that players would have to find out “where they ended up”. They also reavealed at the same panel that each character would have a rival. Here is an example with rivals Toro Inoue and Heihachi Mishima.

Lets Talk: Levels/STAGES


The thing that makes this game even more unique is the fact that all STAGES in this game are mash-ups of 2 games from their respected franchises. From the music, scenery and level structure, every Stage starts in one world and then suddenly blends & reaches into the next as if Galactus pulled an alternate universe into another. I am quite intrigued to see if they have any other dlc levels planned for this thing because the levels are sounding just as important as the characters in this game. Of the level mash ups that have been announced there are:

Alden’s Tower (inFAMOUS invaded by Sly Cooper)

Dojo! (PaRappa the Rapper invaded by Killzone)

▪ Dreamscape (LittleBigPlanet invaded by Buzz!)

▪ Franzea (LocoRoco invaded by Metal Gear)

Hades (God of War invaded by Patapon)

Metropolis (Ratchet & Clank invaded by God of War)

Paris (Sly Cooper invaded by LittleBigPlanet)

San Francisco (Resistance invaded by Starhawk)

Sandover Village (Jak & Daxter invaded by Hot Shots Golf)

Stowaways (Uncharted invaded by BioShock)

Time Station (Ape Escape invaded by Resistance


LETS TalK:Supers


In a fashionable mixture between marvel x Capcom & smash bros brawl, each warier is presented with 3 supers they can use once the character has collected the needed amount of power orbs. Each super ranges from kind of a light, medium and hard-core attack customized to each character ready to destroy his or her opponents.

LETS TalK:MORE un-lockables & DLC

Aside from the already unlock-able items that you will be receiving by playing and beating the game such as








▪Victory Music


I still hope that there is plenty more that hasn’t been announced that we can look forward to. For the sake of gamers that are still content on the older or alternative versions of characters, it would be cool to have full character skins like old Dante or skins for old Spyro vs Skylanders Spyro etc.New Levels and items would surely be welcomed as the levels as as fun as they are creative. It would also be fun if Superbot throws in some super ridiculous supers, for example: They could release a Halloween DLC pack that comes with costumes (undead zombie clones) as-well as supers that act like fatalities paying homage to Mortal Kombat but while having some crazy fatalities or whatnot. Too much maybeJ Oh well a dork can only wish.


From the level & character reveals to potential leaked characters & the development, Playstation All-stars Battle Royal seems to be shaping into its own entity. For me personally, this looks to be one of the most hyped up & exciting beat-em-up games sense Battle-toads & Double mean, getting into the public beta for this thing is about as hard as Carrot top getting into the playboy mansion or getting Bill Murray to do Ghost Busters 3 but we can surely hope for a demo possibly a few weeks before launch. Omar has also said that they are currently working on Easter eggs for the game that could range from the craziest what if this happened ideas. They could range from playable and fightable characters, to things just happening to the stage or background.

Lets talk: COMPARISONS (The ooold Elephant In The Room ” written by Ben Afflect)



Ps all-stars main structure may look a lot like Nintendo’s smash bros on the outside but I can assure you my friend, it plays very differently. The main rules are different and There seem to be more animations, move-sets & combos, as well as more hardcore characters that have actually killed people in real Though I love smash bros as much as the next man (I mean c’mon, Smash bros brawl had a great story mode, great characters, gameplay and also had epic cameo’s from sonic & Snake),none the less, there is no rule book that says only Nintendo can make all-star brawlers & kart racers(not to say they aren’t the best at it).Point Blank though,if Ps all-stars turns out good, it could put sony in direct competition with Nintendo’s sSuper Smash Bros’s Wii-u & 3ds titles.Stay tuned for more news following the games realease.

If you want even more information about this game you can check out the following links.


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