Resident Evil Fever

Today “October 2nd 2012 marks the release of Capcom’s “Resident evil 6, loaded with 3+Campaigns,various multiplayer modes, upgraded zombies & tons of Horror & action thingamajigees. Though I am excited to pick up my copy and start playing right this second, I am compelled to wait til Halloween as to add more horror injections.For those of you who are still on the fence about purchasing this game, there still resides a demo beneath the PSN.From what I have played so from the 3 campaigns I really like Leon”s alot because its the most reminiscent of the older Re titles.Bringing back zombies to Resident evil in my opinion was one of the best choices Capcom has made thus far.

Aside from Resident evil 6 there are a few other Resident Evil thingies that are out as well.

Resident Evil 4: iPad Edition – ($0.99)


Resident Evil 4: Platinum – ($0.99)

Next is another version of RE4, this one also playable on your iPad – and your iPhone or iPod Touch. (The other version is iPad-only.)

Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. – ($0.99)

  And then we’ve got the App Store’s version of Resident Evil’s ubiquitous Mercenaries mode. Unleash your inner Wesker!



Resident Evil: Damnation on dvd & Blu-ray(a sequel to Capcoms highly acclaimed Cgi Resident Evil Degenerations


Resident Evil: Retribution Movie Poster

Resident EvilRetribution(The 4rth movie in P.W Anderson’s Re Live action films)


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