P.S” My Letter to Sony(Ps Vita Remote Play/Cross-Remote

Written by Chris Neely (Dork Geniuz)

PS Vita Remote Play - God of War CollectionPS Vita Remote Play - Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

        I & countless other gamers would like you to push for more ps3 games to be patched for the Ps-Vita’s remote-play.From what it looks like so far, 2 Hd Collections got the first run & it wouldn’t be bad to enable more HD collections(Ratchet & Clank,Devil May Cry) , as well as other Ps3 games for remote-play. We are loyal Vita users & know that you would gain so much money towards you & the developers.I bought both SOTC/ICO & GOW HD collections not just for the 3d feature but mainly just to play them on Vita and I would buy any other game that is enabled, including ones I would have ordinarily traded into Gamestop.

      Adding 3d or a remote-play feature adds tons of replay value.I guarantee you that you could have charged a small fee for each game consumers would want to enable and we would all pay.Most gamers that bought Vita’s at launch, bought them with the thought that we would be able to play every game via remote-play(this was due to the killzone & Little big planet remote-play demo’s showed at last years Tokyo Game show).None the less, we knew it wasn’t realistic to actually get every game via remote play, especially 3rd party.Case in point, at the least if you patch up all your sony franchises, other developers will follow suit.

        Further more, the cross-controller feature should at the least be able to be utilized as a Ps3 controller for all games, with or without the way it will be used with little big planet 2. Sometimes we just want to play something on Ps3 using our Vita controller.Also, during remote-play, is it really necessary for the Tv’s image to go out?Why not have a duel view incase people want to watch you play the game. Likewise,it would also be cool to have a reverse remote-play feature to beam the Ps vita’s screen to the ps3.It should be noted that the more features and apps you have, the more value it adds to your device.Hopefully these notes are read by anyone important at sony that can pass this on.Thanks in advance.


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