Silent Hill :Book of memories

Written by Chris Neely (Dork Geniuz)

          This month and next month are great months for the Horror genre.What do we got?How about”The Walking Dead returning, a new Silent Hill Maze at Universal Studio’s horror Nights, 2 Resident Evil Movies, the new Re6 game, Silent Hill 2 3D & SH:book of memories….Ahhhhh…Good Ol Silent Hill. The SIlent Hill games are always without a doubt some of the most creepiest survival horror games of all time. Sprinkled throughout Silent Hill’s eerie atmospheric ashy fog towns are creatures that would disturb even the most diluted minds of serial killas & drug dillas…lol…From the dead zombie nurses carrying various sharp items to shank you, freaky 4 legged mannequins with no head, and strange muscular no shirted man with gigantic trianguler iron body hat & rusty Cloud Strife Sword, Silent hill is a darkness to be reckoned with.The music of Silent Hill, usually done best buy Akira Yamaoka, added so much to the creepy Silent Hill universe.

         Hard-core fans of the games usually have a few favorites,namely 2 & 3, with Silent Hill 4:the room being either the guilty pleasure or semi-claustrophobic due to the different setting and being trapped in your apartment.Though there are also a few more SIlent hill games on the Ps3,Psp,Wii & iphone.However, what brings us here today is to talk about the newest SH iteration from Konami” Silent HIll:Book of Memories exclusively for the Playstation Vita.

          (Other than being delayed about a gazillion times) Silent HIll:Book of Memories takes the franchise into an extremely new territory.While all of the past SH games have been single player & (shall I say) filmed from a third person perspective,SH Book of memories, gives us more of a top-down, dungeon crawler perspective like that of Diablo & well as allow you to play with your friends.

 Viewing image silent-hill-book-of-memories_046Viewing image silent-hill-book-of-memories_072

       The big question is ” Does this? and will this hurt the franchise?Well after playing the demo for a bit (Available now on the PSN) I can say that it’s not as bad as some may have thoughteded.(add that to the dictionary)

To make a long story short, the game plays pretty good, looks really good and indeed,has a very Silent Hillesh theme.Though it doesn’t have that usual full on survival horror feel we all know and love from 3rd person Silent Hill games, I feel its still worth checking out.There are tons of moves, weapons(+duel wealding), customizations and upgrades that I think will add tons of replayablityism (add that to the dictionary).I am unsure if there will be dungeon areas in this game themed to other Silent Hill games but from what I have seen and read, all the monsters are in the house for those who wanted to get there pyramid head on(Whoop Whoop).If you can get over wanting a classic long story mode & dig the dungeon pov this game will be perfect for the pick-up-and-play titles that sony wanted to get out.In my personal opinion though, this game should’ve also come out for mobile phones,ipads & the NIntendo 3ds, which would’ve added to the experience of being high up etc.


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