Even more more more Ps All-stars News

October 4, 2012

We may know most of the characters included in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, but one aspect where we’ve been left slightly in the dark is Battle Royale’s cross-universe story, and in an interview with CVG SuperBot CEO Omar Kendell shed some light on the single-player mode in All-Stars:

We take inspiration for our single-player story mode from traditional fighting games. You’ll select your character, you’ll find out what brings that character to the PlayStation All-Stars universe, what they’re doing there, and what their motivation is. You’ll play in a couple of different match types against various different characters, and then we have this rivalry system. This goes back to one of the very basic motivating ideas that contributed to the PlayStation All-Stars becoming a video game, which was the idea of fantasy match-ups.

Omar then continued onto more specific examples, and rivalries:

Like, what would happen if Ratchet and Clank met up with Jak and Daxter? We actually have a rivalry concept in the game where, during each character’s individual arcade progression they’ll meet a rival, and that will introduce easter egg type elements. We sort of have fun with different characters. For instance, Dante in the game, his rival in the game is Nariko, both of those characters obviously being handled by Ninja Theory. It’s little things like that that we’ve played with. Then of course they’ll meet at the end what we’re calling a “boss battle”, but we’re not talking about that. There will be a resolution there. Obviously the story of All-Stars isn’t exactly canon, we don’t want Kratos and Drake to go back to their universes and reference [our story], but we’re having a bit of fun with it.

What’s exciting here, is that from a minimum of about  20 characters, every single one of them will receive at least 4 cutscenes: an origin, a rival meet, a boss confrontation (that also includes your rival’s reappearance) all concluding with a sequence that ties that characters story together.Hopefully the forth coming DLC characters will include these as well

The focus on “fantasy match-ups” and easter eggs is pretty awesome too? I still wonder who sack boy and Parappa’s rivals are, as well as wonder if they’d go as far as making Good and Evil cole each-others rivals.It would make sense if they compiled his story around him trying to separate his good side from the evil and actually succeeding but then ends up having to stop him etc.

What epic, or wonderfully silly PlayStation cross-over character scenes do you want to see All-Stars bring to life? – I am still hoping for some kind of Shadow of Collosus ICO love in this peace.




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