More Ps All-stars News(Oct 4 2012)

Interview: PS All-Stars Game Director Omar Kendall Talks about Beta Focus, Updates, and New Offense Mechanics

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is currently playable at the EB Expo, which is currently on-going in Sydney Australia.Luckily, new information surrounding Superbot Entertainment’s much anticipated first PlayStation outing has come from down unduh.

According to details passed along by EmperorLawlight a user on the game’s official community forums who attended the event, the reason why Suberbot hasn’t released any new information on the brawler is due to the delay. PSASBR was orriginally pegged for an October release before it was pushed back a month.

Despite that fact Superbot promises to “get a lot more info now until the game releases”.

It was also revealed that the decision to include two Cole MacGraths ( Good & Evil Cole ) in the game was because Sucker Punch wanted 2 characters.Now correct me if im wrong, but  isn’t Sly Cooper also owned by Sucker punch?WHich would technically mean they snuck in 3 characters.Why they couldn’t manage Evil+Good Cole into one character like Zelda/Sheik from SB is mind boggling. As far as DmC Dante’s inclusion, Superbot would have added the original Dante from the PS2 era but Capcom wanted the rebooted version. Heres hoping for alternative costumes

Although the trophy set isn’t complete, right now it’s sounding as if trophies will be 70% single player and 30% online. The PS+ beta will be released in late October or early November. Superbot is considering the inclusion of a screen-shot mode which allows players to take pictures and save replays.

Keep your eyes peeled this week for possible more details on the game. On Friday, October 5th, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Game Director Omar Kendall will be on hand at the EB LIVE Session  to discuss the title around 7:10 local time.



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