Could we be getting an” ANGRY BIRDS:STAR WARS?

Rovio, the dev studio that brought you the globally successful game Angry Birds, is apparently working on a project that’s Star Wars in theme. Whether this will be a Dlc type of pack for Angry Birds:Space or another AB game remains to be seen.

A still image was tweeted via the Rovio Twitter account this afternoon showing a round, barely lit character with a beak and distinct eyebrows (it sure looks like an Angry Bird), but most notably sporting Star Wars-themed gear. Soon after the tweet, the official Angry Birds Tumblr page went live with an animated version of the previous image. Lightsabers confirmed.

So again, what are we looking at here? Is it yet another iteration of Angry Birds set in the Star Wars universe?. I suppose that’s not a tough sell at all — people devour Angry Birds games like they are Zombies”(Angry birds zombies would be

If anything, we’ll know tomorrow at 10am Eastern Time, when Rovio will let loose the news in freaking Times Square in New York City.




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