Slightly more Ps All-stars News

via”laystationlifestyle”PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale director Omar Kendall claims that their upcoming brawler is “serious” at its core, despite the title’s rather wack

py premise.

In an interview with CVG, Kendall explained how creating a mashup brawler allows for an added sense of creativity in both overall design and in terms of gameplay.

I think there’s something very absurd in the basic premise of a game where Kratos is fighting PaRappa the Rapper. It does lend itself to a bit of ridiculousness.

Just based on the premise, we’ve got a no-holds-barred approach to move design, level design, different ideas for systems – there’s a sort of tongue-in-cheek light-heartedness that the game just intrinsically has.

In defense of why PlayStation All-Stars is still very much a fighting game for the hardcore, Kendall went on to add that despite the ridiculous exterior, PSABR has the elements of a true fighting game at its core.

At the same time we’re pretty serious competitive fighting game dudes, or at least a large contingency of the guys at SuperBot are, so I think despite the ridiculous nature of some of the elements, at its heart PlayStation All-Stars is a pretty serious fighting game.

We really embraced the mash-up concept. We allowed ourselves to really embrace all sides of the type of game PlayStation All-Stars represents.

Look for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale when it hits store shelves this November for both the PS3 and Vita.



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