PS All-Stars Demo impressions By Dork Geniuz

After waiting for so long to get my hands on this this game in any form, it really felt good to hear that the Ps plus access would be available so soon.Even more, was the fact that the Vita version was also available and didn’t require Ps Plus access. None the less I was given a free 7 day ps plus trial which Ironically expires tomorrow so thank you for that…lol. Anyways I am here to talk about the game itself and what I liked or disliked so far from the Beta.

Characters- For this beta, we were given 5 characters to choose from, all with different play styles. Kratos, Sweet tooth, Parappa the rapper, Sly Cooper & Fat Princess are all available for us to get our smash on with and are all pretty awesome withen there own ways. I cant wait to play as the other 15 plus characters & dlc etc.

Levels- So far we have only been given 2 mash up levels, both of them pretty awesome.From what I can see, Superbot has worked hard on these unique interactive ever changing levels & I appreciate them for doing so.

Graphics- The Graphics are amazing on both Ps3 & Vita.As far as I can tell nothing changes between the two and I was able to test out cross-play which worked flawlessly without any lag  whatsoever.

Gameplay- The gameplay pretty much plays as expected from both the brawler perspective & each individual properties perspective. Case in point, Kratos feels as he would in his many God Of War games but withen a 2d perspective etc.It feels good playing as any of these characters but you can tell that people will still have their favorites due to the different play styles.The big differences in gameplay between this and smash bros is obviously 3 supers instead of one and the fact that there are more buttons thus allowing for more versatility & combos for each character. Out of the 3 attacks buttons between square, circle & triangle, each attack button is assigned to several directions to give different effects and moves. You can also throw players by moving the right analog stick in the direction of your opponent.

Music- How can you go wrong with the music. As soon as I first heard the title music I was excited and almost just stood there listening to it for about 3 minutes etc.As far as levels, each tune is hijacked and re-mastered from their respected properties levels.The music is created to overlap and remix as the levels themselves are transitioning and overlapping etc.

Online play-Online for me worked seamlessly and really fast.I found it extremely easy and fast to get into an online match with no trouble and that always a good thing. Though the beta itself does have a few connection hiccups  it s to be expected from the beta. As far as 4 players going crazy on each other on screen a the same time, I found no lag up in this piece son..I will say it does get pretty hectic ever now and then allowing you to sometimes loose yourself and figure out who & where you are at times. It happens mainly when more than one player is using the same characters but its nothing that gets on your never or even cant be fixed. I am hoping Superbot & Bluepoint give us a bunch of options to tweak certain things like your number size & color,time limit etc.Perhaps being able to make the time infinite and forcing players to get a certain amount of kills would be super fun…

The Verdict: Dont take my word for it, stop hating on this game when you havent played it and just “ACTUALLY PLAY IT.If you like it cool, if you dont you dont….



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