Assassins Creed+Need For Speed Most Wanted !!Now Available.Enjoy

Need For Speed: Most Wanted & Assassins Creed 3: Liberation for both Ps3 & ps vita is out today Oct 30th 2012.Though I would love to pick up the Ps3 versions of both games, I opted to pre-order the Ps Vita versions first to continue my excitement for all things Vita related.2012 & 2013 are going to be great years for both Ps3 & Ps Vita gamers. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal, Ratchet & Clank :Full frontal Assault & Sly Cooper Thieves in time are all coming to both systems with Cross-Connectivity, whether it be cross-play, cross-save, or cross-controller.Though Assassins Creed 3 Liberation is its own game (starring a female assassin named Aveline) as opposed to its Ps3 counter part which Stars our new favorite Assassin named Conner, Need For Speed is a nearly Identical copy of its Ps3 twin brother but sadly doesn’t feature cross-play,cross buy or cross anything really.The only thing that crosses over our something they call speed points.

So anyway, as I skid-addle on my way to pick up these games, I will be contemplating on which game to play first.I know a lot of you would say ” Duh Assassins Creed, but I dont know im kind of super curious on if NFS MW really delivers the Ps3 Experience.Ehh, We will see what happens. I will leave my reviews as soon as I play enough of both games to be like ” yo check this out son.


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