I will try to make this as short and straight to the point as possible without too many details. If you liked the previous Need for Speed:Most wanted, hot pursuit, or Burnout paradise you will absolutely love this game.Criterion has actually managed to make the Ps Vita version of the game look and feel I’d say 99% like the console versions. In-fact, the Vita version is so good, I may have to also pick up the console version and I dont even care that they havent implemented cross-buy or cross-play.

The game is super easy to pick up and start basically doing whatever you want, whenever you want.There are plenty of cars to choose from, plenty of races to be had and the cop chases are epic as they may continue chasing to even after you win or loose the race you’ve started.Other than the game music itself being pretty good, you can chose to play your own music stored on your Ps vita by simply opening the music app and playing whatever you want.I suggest either making a playlist, shuffling all songs or playing full albums on repeat to keep it going.All I can say is that this is the racing game for the Vita that should have came out at Launch.


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