Daniel Maniago of SuperBot. Confirms Dlc Characters & Levels


Daniel Maniago, Community Manager at SuperBot has confirmed that dlc characters & levels will be coming to Sony’s new mascot brawler.You can check out the full interview via the french psblog that I have kindly translated for  you below.

PlayStation Blog – Hello Daniel, can you introduce us to your post?

Daniel Maniago – Hello, I’m Daniel Maniago, Community Manager at SuperBot.

How did you get the idea to consolidate all PlayStation heroes in a single game?

We wanted to collect as many iconic heroes as possible in a single game and we have tried to include the best characters in a fighting game.

How to find the right balance between all the characters who already have power, those who do not?

We wanted to include as many different fighting styles as possible to be sure that the players choose their favorite character, and that this is a rather nice character Sackboy as or a little more serious as Kratos or Nathan Drake. I think the charm of the game is that you can fight against Parappa Fat Princess or against Kratos Sackboy.

What is your favorite character in the game?

This is Raiden Metal Gear Rising. I love the fact that it moves in our game just like in the new game Metal Gear. It is great to handle screen, this is a very cool.

Which is more important to you the spirit PlayStation?

This is definitely Parappa the Rapper. I am a true fan, I grew up with him and when the game was released, it was truly revolutionary! It was not the game as long or as hard but it was really special with a special touch and creativity for some time on the first PlayStation.

Will there be other characters and other arenas after leaving the game with downloadable content?

Yes, there will be additional characters, as well as other forms of DLC levels.

Do you have any tricks to reveal the players a preview?

Yes. You know, each character has multiple attacks and my personal advice is that you focus on a character that you like and that you were trying to focus on three or four attacks to be the best possible deal with your buddies.

And my second advice is that you choose your favorite character to really make you feel as close to him during the fight and you’re more confident. We have worked hard to make each character as close as possible to what it is in his own franchise.

We have other quick questions ready?


What is your first memory of PlayStation?

It was the first Tekken PlayStation 2, it has long been my favorite fighting game.

You rather:

Nathan Drake or Lara Croft?

It is difficult to make a choice, I love Nathan Drake but also Lara Croft! It’s too hard to decide.


I think I’m rather GST.

Solo or Multi?

Multiplayer 200%! It is also the purpose of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale , the game more on the PS3 and PS Vita, social experience and sharing.

PS3 black or white or silver or red?

The black is very good, and most recently she was redesignated!

Rather Call of Duty or GTA?

GTA I say, I love the freedom offered by the game

Daniel thank you for this interview!

Thank you!



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