Ps All-Stars Character Bio’s 9 of 20 ” Sweet Tooth

The gam3dorkblog has been posting one bio a day leading up to the release of Ps-All-Stars Battle Royal on Nov 20th.We are almost there, just a few more days left. Get to know your characters now.It would be a good time to pick up each characters respected games or Hd collections if available.

Number 9

Sweet Tooth:(Game: Twisted Metal (series)

Origin (System)- Ps1


Marcus Kane had it all – big house, beautiful family, great job serving ice cream to the neighborhood kids. Then something went wrong. Very wrong. When he donned the mask and became Sweet Tooth, there was no going back. Now he carves a path of destruction and desolation, whether in his legendary ice cream truck or on foot. Violence is what he craves, wherever it can be found, and whomever it can be inflicted upon.

Super Moves

  • Level 1Grenade Throw – Sweet Tooth attaches dynamite to an opponent and kicks them away.
  • Level 2Remote Missile – Sweet Tooth drops a missile onto the stage which can then be steered at opponents.
  • Level 3: Mecha Tooth – Sweet Tooth summons parts from his ice cream truck and transforms into Sweet-Bot.


  • Twisted Metal
  • Twisted Metal 2
  • Twisted Metal III
  • Twisted Metal 4
  • Twisted Metal: Black®
  • Twisted Metal (2012)

Twisted Metal Gameplay


Ps All-star Gameplay-Sweet tooth


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