Ps All-Stars Character Bio’s 10 of 20 ” Bioshock

The gam3dorkblog has been posting one bio a day leading up to the release of Ps-All-Stars Battle Royal on Nov 20th.We are almost there, just a few more days left. Get to know your characters now.It would be a good time to pick up each characters respected games or Hd collections if available.

Number 10

Big daddy aka Mr Bubbles:(Game: Bio Shock (series)

Origin (System)- Xbox 360/Ps3


Genetically programmed to search for the ADAM essential to the social fabric of their undersea city, Little Sisters roam through the portals and tunnels of Rapture. Because the substance they extract from the recently fallen is so precious, the girls are accompanied at all times by their fearsome, diving suit-clad protectors, the Big Daddies. Armed with a deadly drill, possessed of incredible strength, and capable of quick bursts of speed, the Big Daddies guard their charges jealously, making all who attempt to harm a Little Sister wish they hadn’t.

Super Moves

  • Level 1 – ADAM Drain: Big Daddy roars, calling forth a Little Sister to stab the target to attempt to drain its ADAM.
  • Level 2 – Enraged State: Big Daddy enters an enraged state, increasing its speed and agility and allowing its attacks to kill.
  • Level 3 – Flooded: The entire stage is flooded with water, immobilizing all fighters in place except for Big Daddy. Big Daddy is free to pick off any and all fighters until the water drains from the stage.


  • BioShock®
  • BioShock® 2

Bioshock Gameplay 

 Ps All-star Gameplay-Big Daddy


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