New releases coming Tomorrow & Beyond!

One week left until ps all-Stars is in our hands but until then there are many other games and such to keep you a bit busy.

Already released

Assassins Creed 3

Assassins Creed 3:Liberation

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Coming very soon

NOV 13

Call Of Duty: Blackops 2  

Call Of Duty: Blackops 2:Declassified (ps vita)

Nintendo Wii-U

Adventure time:Hey ice king why’d you steal our garbage (3ds) 

Assassins Creed:Ezio trilogy

Nov 15

Resistance collection(Ps3)

Nov 18

Epic Mickey 2

Epic Mickey 2 :power of illusion (3ds)

Sonic & all-stars racing transformed (Ps3)

Then comes the release of not only ps all-stars but other great games..

Nov 20

Ps allstars(ps3/ps vita

Hitman Absolution

Family Guy:Back to the multiverse.


Following those, just a week later, we will have Ratchet & Clank:Full frontal assault available for both ps3 & Ps vita


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