My Letter to Superbot,Sony & Bluepoint


Dear Superbot,

       What up guys, My name is Chris Neely aka Dork Geniuz.I am a video game themed nerd-core hiphop artist/music producer, & I run a video game blog at” The reason I mention that is because You guys & Ps All-stars is the main reason I started my blog.You have regenerated my love for video games in a way that i havent felt sense opening my first playstation.So this email is to express my love for Sony & the entire teams at Superbot & Bluepoint.” Shout outs to Omar,Seth & Chan P da man. I just have to spread major Kudos to you guys for creating such a great game. Ever sense Ps All-Stars was announced or leaked so to say under the moniker “Title fight, my dreams immediately came true.For years, dozens of sony fans (including myself) have longed for a smash bros Esc game to exist on any Sony Platform.Now, with PSABR we can finally celebrate the many years of success between sony and its 3rd party friends.By the way, I really appreciate that you guys went the extra mile to get most of the actual voice actors & teaming with the ip holders for the arcade stories.It really adds to the experience for the fans sake.

Where to begin…….

          I have been following development for this game from beginning and have loved every single second of it.Aside from already exceeding my expectations far above and beyond what I expected, this game has also regenerated my love for every franchise involved in this game.With that said, I would like to express how important it is that you guys & sony start merchandising. Usually, most gamers would see you as money hungry or trying to milk the situation, but in this case, we want it, we love all the characters, and would spend tons of money on things like:Action figures, backpacks,watches, comic books,weapon replica’s,clothing(think items for photo op at La ABeatdown) video game sequels, prequels & hd collections,Ps3/Ps vita bundles with Ps ll-stars Included, wallpapers, pens, limited edition copies of the game,authentic costumes and the list goes on.You can and should even slap Superbot logo’s on t-shirts,bumper stickers,decals and hoodies etc. I love that robot you guys have etc and would buy most of this myself because I am a gamer with a sweet spot for collectables.My main point is that even if its up to the ip holders to get that going, at the least bring up the idea and let them know that it would make them so much money etc.I know so many people who dont know where to get an authentic Sackboy etc.

Aside from all that, I just want to let you know how much all of us appreciate all the hard work you guys put into this game. I never complained about any missing characters or compared this game to smash in anyway and was immediately able to pick up on what you guys were doing. I can really see myself playing this game forever because its actually a fun fighting game. Ironically its the first fighting game to me that doesn’t feel repetitive and actually bridges the gap between hardcore & casuel.The fact that every single character (including the 2 Coles) feels and plays different is just amazing.It’s almost like you gave us 20 different games to play with, or one game to play with 20 different protagonist’s and DLC stories etc.


Until now, I have never cared about what went on in the background of many fighting games. I find myself stopping sometimes to check out whats going on back there because its just so cool(master onion super sized.classic…lol).Most games like Street fighter and mortal Kombat are okay but mainly have repetitive backgrounds that are just kind of there, so I appreciate you guys taking the time to do something different & make them unique with mash ups and all.

Cross-Play-Thanks to Bluepoint doing an excellent job on the Vita version,People can really see how well the cross-play ability works.Though I did want the option to use cross-controller as well(using vita as a controller with the screen being used to activate supers and show something else like Ap usage etc) It still works enough to where you forget your playing with people on 2 different systems.


3d please

It would be nice to get stereoptic 3d to see a bit of depth in the background while playing.Stages like Prappa dojo, San Francisco and metropolis would shine in this way.Theres always room to add the feature via dlc patch +Sony needs to keep selling people on more 3d games and features.

Sackboy LBP costume program:Sense little big planet lets players use any costumes bought from any of its games,can you work with media molecule to implement that into sack boys costume set?

On to the DLC characters……I already know I will love this game to death with the given 20, but seeing as you guys will be adding Dlc characters,levels etc, I would just like to put some of my pics out there incase you guys are taking notes on fan favorites etc.

Pyramid Head,Cloud,Sora,Wander,Scott Pilgrim,Battletoads & or toe jam & earl,Shepard,Issac (dead space),Deadpool(from upcoming deadpool game)(Out of all of the super heroes, dead pool is the only one who would make sense crossing over into this game)(+I would love to see how deadpools rival story played out)…lol) Laura Croft,Spyro,John Marston(Zombie Marston included),the kid from bully,Ico,That chick from Parasite eve,Wreck it Ralph(if disney owns Sora & ralph they could write the rival story and would most likely be happy about Raplh being in a video game),Chris,Leon Claire & or Ada Wong(Resident Evil),the chicken from Rocket Birds,Ryu,chung-lee or Akuma from Street fighter, Chameleon,scorpion or sub-zero from mortal kombat.The reason I say Chameleon is obvious, he can have the powers of most or all of the ninjas.

Level ideas– these are merely small works in progress…they may suck a little but maybe it’ spark some better ideas for you guys.For the characters that dont make it in the game, there is always an easier chance for a level and the fans would still be just as happy.This would even go for Crash & spyro.

Unifinished Swan+Soundshapes :Starts off all white and as players start fighting,black inc reveals platforms on the stage and slowly the background and slowly reveals a much colorful level that actual resembles one of the deadmou5 levels in soundshapes.The music is only a drum beat and fighters are required to collect records around the stage in order for the music to continue.

Twisted Metal+Grand theft auto :We start off in Either Liberty or Vice city.While players are fighting,typical gta crime is going on in the background(everything from police chases,robberies, stolen ambulances,exploding helicopters etc. Occasionally we will see main characters from gta in the background throwing molitovs,shooting rockets etc toward the players or something. Toward the middle of the match you then see some familiar cars bursting through buildings shooting each other and terrorizing the city.You then realize its sweet tooth and familiar casts from various Twisted Metal games and Niko,cj,tommy vercedi etc must try to take them down while you fight…(somethn like that) You could also do Gta & red dead redemption with hints of La noir

Shadow of the coolosus+You start off in the outskirts of the land is of Sotc and as your fighting you can see Colossi in the background getting taken down by Wander 1 by 1.Soon after a gigantic and reaches down from the sky and its one of the god like monsters from Asuras Wrath, which becomes hard for him handle alone.Then the main protagonist from Asuras Wrath shows up and they both start fighting the monsters together all while causing major damage to the environment.Rocks and body parts can fly at you in the distance..

Silent Hill+Resident Evil: Starts off in a post apocalyptic Raccoon city from resident evil 2.Zombies and bio hazard creatures of resident evil lore overrun the city the city and whoever attempts to survive.At a certain point, everything starts turning to rust (familiar from silent hill) and several creatures from silent hill start to appear, destroying zombies left and right but having a good battle with the tyrants & lickers etc.As the match progress the environment switches from the fog & dark worlds of silent hill…bla bla bla you get the idea.I am still trying to figure out how these monsters can attack the players at various times.

LAIR+Spyro the dragon-Spyro’s universe gets invaded by Lair Dragons nuff said”

Anyways again from the bottom of my heart thank you for making this game.I hope you guys continue to support it long enough to keep everyone interested who may have not got on the hype train like the rest of us yet.I honestly already cant wait for a sequeI. Have a good release party, god bless you guys and I would love it most of the guys from the team added me on psn so I can really get my practice on with the best.Its a long shot but I had to try.Just incase my psn dorkgeniuz21 thank you so much guys.Oh yea, it would also be awesome if I could buy a signed copy of Ps all-stars & a poster from the entire team.I would pay whatever.

P.s Thank you guys so much for putting on the event at La Beatdown.It was the 3rd best experience of my life next to having a kid & going to Comic-con 2012 for the first time.



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