Ps All-Stars Character Bio’s 20 of 20 ” Spike

For the past twenty days, the gam3dorkblog has been posting one bio a day leading up to todays release of Ps-All-Stars Battle Royal. The playstation celebration is finally here but lets not embark on our journeys without first introducing our last All-Star.


Spike:(Game: Ape Escape (series)

Origin (System)- Ps1


A young and energetic fourth-grader, Spike is accidentally sucked into a time machine by the hands of Specter, an ape granted uncanny intelligence through the use of an experimental cap. Spike embarks on a quest to stop Specter and his ape army, thwarting them using a variety of weapons, tools, and gadgets provided by his friend the Professor, including clubs, slingshots, an RC Satellite Laser, and Bananarang.

Super Moves


  • Ape Escape
  • Ape Escape Pumped and Primed
  • Ape Escape Million Monkeys
  • Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission

Ape Escape Gameplay

Ps All-star Gameplay-Spike


Enjoy your gaming and when blogging anything about ps all-stars unlockables, secrets & easter eggs, remember to plop Spoiler Alert infront of it.


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