All-Star Fever = duo review coming

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After playing endless hours of both Playstation all-stars battle royal & Sonic & All-Stars racing transformed, I have decided to do a duo review on both games at the same time.I feel that I have unlocked enough via both games in that I can give a well opinionated review.However, I must also test out the vita version of sonic all-stars when it comes out in a few days so I can be fair.


Heavenly Sword/wipeout Stage Coming to PlayStation All-Stars

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At an event in Santa Monica today, Sony confirmed that the first downloadable stage for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be a mash-up of Heavenly Sword and WipEout.


The stage will be included as part of the same downloadable content pack offeringGravity Rush’s Kat and Starhawk’s Emmett Graves as downloadable characters.

As Sony previously announced, the pack will be free for the first two weeks it’s available and is expected in early 2013.


Youtube app for ps vita updated + system firmware

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Attention ps vita owners.There are 2 updates now live for the playstation Vita.The first one is most likely a ps vita ps plus fix that was promised by sony.The second update is for the ps vita’s youtube app, here are the deets on the youtube app changes.

Youtube version 2.00

Support for the channels feature on youtube has been added.

Support for playlist and watch later features has been added.

The playback feature has been improved, including support for continuos playback.

Support for displaying captions has been added

You can now operate using the buttons on the PS Vita system.

You can share videos with Group messaging or Twitter.

The software stability has been improoved.

New ps All-stars patch coming sometime nextweek

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Via Superbots tumblr,  community manager Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago has narrated that next week we can expect a Ps Allstars patch that will include some tweaks and add a new item into the mix.Here is the full thingy…

Yo! PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been out for a week and a half, and we’ve already gotten heaps of constructive feedback from the community regarding everything from game balance to the online experience. With that said, we have our first patch going live early next week. Changes include:

  • A new item, Medusa’s Gaze, has been added to the game
  • View Invites has been added to the Party Bar Menu
  • Voice chat icon added to loading screens
  • AI logic enhancements
  • Network performance improvements
    • Issue where players were stuck with a different character than the one picked has been addressed
    • Issue with matchmaking in regards to player skill has been addressed
    • Overall improvements to network connectivity
  • Sackboy changes
    • Level 1 Super – Increase cost from 100 to 150 AP
    • Level 2 Super – Increase cost from 325 to 400 AP
    • Level 3 Super – Increase cost from 600 to 750 AP
    • Jam Session (Neutral Triangle) – Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 10 AP
    • Cakeinator (Neutral Circle) – Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 20 AP

We want to thank everyone for all the feedback we’ve received since launch. It helps us tremendously in improving the All-Stars experience. We’ll continue to closely monitor the data coming in as players online continue to kick-punch-chop their way through the leaderboards! And we ask that you keep tweeting, posting, and discussing ways that your experience with the game can be improved.



Ps All-Stars Character Bio’s 20 of 20 ” Spike

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For the past twenty days, the gam3dorkblog has been posting one bio a day leading up to todays release of Ps-All-Stars Battle Royal. The playstation celebration is finally here but lets not embark on our journeys without first introducing our last All-Star.


Spike:(Game: Ape Escape (series)

Origin (System)- Ps1


A young and energetic fourth-grader, Spike is accidentally sucked into a time machine by the hands of Specter, an ape granted uncanny intelligence through the use of an experimental cap. Spike embarks on a quest to stop Specter and his ape army, thwarting them using a variety of weapons, tools, and gadgets provided by his friend the Professor, including clubs, slingshots, an RC Satellite Laser, and Bananarang.

Super Moves


  • Ape Escape
  • Ape Escape Pumped and Primed
  • Ape Escape Million Monkeys
  • Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission

Ape Escape Gameplay

Ps All-star Gameplay-Spike


Enjoy your gaming and when blogging anything about ps all-stars unlockables, secrets & easter eggs, remember to plop Spoiler Alert infront of it.

System update version 2.00 PlayStation Vita available now

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November 19, 2012 Written by Jason Dunning of playstationlifestyle

System update version 2.00 for your PlayStation Vita just went live and should be available for everyone to download right now. The biggest thing that 2.00 brings to the system is PlayStation Plus, with the first wave of free games releasing tomorrow when the PlayStation Store refreshes.

Aside from PlayStation Plus, you can expect the following changes to your handheld:

Email has been added to the home screen.

You can now transfer content between the PS Vita system and a PC using Wi-Fi.

You can now transfer a folder from a PS3 system or a PC to the PS Vita system.

Maps can now display weather information.

The display performance in Browser has been significantly improved.

The screen layout of Near has been revised, and the usability has been improved.

The activities list for Friends has been moved to the LiveArea screen of Friends.

The buttons of the PS Vita system can now be used with more applications.

In Settings, you can now set how you will be alerted depending on the notification type.

Turkish has been added as a system language.

In addition, the usability of many features has been improved.

What do you think of the new update so far? Let us know in the comments section below.


Nov 20’s Newest upcoming releases

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Okay guys, so tomorrow is a great day for a lot of  us gamers, it marks some of the many exciting releases most of us has been waiting for, as well as brings Ps plus and other features to the Ps Vita.Hopefully by now you have played enough of Assassins Creed 3, Black ops 2 or your Nintendo Wii-u to plop them all down for a few extra days of gaming bliss.Lets slap a quick reminder bumper sticker on your left butt cheek.

1st off

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal(Ps3/Ps Vita)

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed(Ps3/Xbox/3ds)note:release date may have been changed for 3ds & Ps vita.

Boxshot: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed by Sega of America

Adventure time:Hey Ice King!Whyd you steal our Garbage?!!(3ds)

Boxshot: Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?! Collector's Edition by D3 Publisher of America

Hitman: Absolution(Ps3/Xbox

Family Guy:Back to the Mulit-verse(Ps3/Xbox)

Persona 4: Golden(Ps vita)

DMC:Devil May Cry demo(PSN)

Jet Set Radio(Ps vita/PSN/Ps plus(free)

Along with those wonderful games the Ps vita will be receiving an update with the following features”””

Ps Plus:Ps plus will bring the same services to the ps vita including free games,discounted games & items and so much more.Including in the first batch of free games are games like”Jet set radio,Uncharted:Golden Abyss,Wipeout 2048, Gravity Rush & more.Perfect time to try out Kat’s Adventure before she ends up in Ps All-Stars.

Also the update will accompany…….

Email manager

revamped web browser

improved content managment

video playback in full 1080p+close captioning

So whatever your poison for tomorrow, just make sure you enjoy the upcoming holidays.