Games and guns dont Kill People, Real guns and People Kill People.

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Over the past few months if not years, there has been plenty waves of GUN violence at various schools, malls, movie theaters neighborhoods and even churches. With tons of innocent people & children being the targets, each killer seems to have no remorse for what they’ve done, some even killing themselves in the process leaving no explanation to the chaos they just unleashed upon the world. One things for sure, and thats that they were all mentally unbalanced. The one thing they find in the younger Killers though is they usually  play or have played violent video games. This connection alone has always tried to put a bad light  on violent video games, so what do I think?

I hate real violence but I have no problem with violence in movies & video games. It’s a different story for movies that are based on true stories though, like passion of the Christ, Titanic (lol), Elephant etc. Those are the one thing I have always had a hard time viewing due to just not wanting to see how a tragedy actually hadn’t etc. Though I play everything from Super mario, Playstation All-Stars & Little Big Planet, some of my more favorite games involve shooting tons of zombies, aliens, various human enemies or random pedestrians like Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Red Dead Redemption,COD, Max Payne or Far cry 3. Though its fun to laugh and kill people in most these games, what I can say for most of us gamers is that video games/movies in no way trigger anything in our minds that makes us want to do it in real life to anybody. In fact, for me, the only thing that ever made me want to get a real gun was when I got mugged when I was younger but I would take a Green Light Saber any day.

Now do I think that someone with a mental illness might get a different Kick out of these types of video games?Yes. These games most likely do play a (small) part in their would be fantasy to murder, kill or get revenge on those they may feel have failed them in some way or bullied them sporadically. But do I blame those video games on triggering the violence?NO. I believe with every mass killer, there is always something unknown and underlined going on in their lives that we just wont & dont understand early enough & eventually, they just snap and its too late. So even if they had never played those video games they probably would’ve tried to kill another way.

For most kids, its not having the tools or the ability to deal with family issues, peer pressure or being made fun of at school, home & work etc . When it comes to those issues, we have to point my fingers at both the parents and society because throughout life there hasn’t been enough examples of heroes and people that stand up for others and try to understand them. The Parents also have to be careful how they are treating and raising their kids as well as each other. A mom or dad may be to strick and violent with the child or significant other and when children are exposed to stuff like that constantly they grow up with that same anger and most likely withdraw from the world or become bullies. In some cases, the parents just dont pay attention to their kids and what they get into or what they might be influenced by and that can hurt them and everybody in the long run. On a separate note, there is a fine line between being influenced by drugs/gang life & having an erge to kill someone for either no reason or because they laughed at you all year at high-school or college etc.

So where am I on gun violence? I do believe that either only law enforcement should be allowed to use guns or that all bullets should be replaced by rubber ones.Yes there will always be someone somewhere who guns a real gun or bullet from some unknown source or some guy in some basement who knows how to make them but at this point in time everybody needs to work together to boycott real life violence. The less guns the better because whats to say any gun collector wont just up and snap or maybe someone gets robbed and the robbers kill them and get away with their guns etc.

I dont even know if I am making any points here but the fact is that stopping violence in video games will not help the problem, it will just hurt gamers. People & Parents have to limit mental persons & children’s video game habits at a certain age just as they would with certain movies etc.Either way, new games will always be made and the old ones will always be there. How you handle it from here on out is up to you.


New Info on Ps All-stars’s Kat & Emmet DLC from Clockw0rk

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For the past couple of weeks we haven’t heard anything new about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s upcoming (initially free) DLC. Well, if you’ve been scratching your balls & aching for details then you’re in luck buddy.

A SuperBot Entertainment developer/community manger aka Mr Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago has posted a lengthy list of detailed Battle Royale notes for Gravity Rush‘s Kat, and Starhawk‘s Emmett Graves:


  • [She’s] mainly a rush-down character [who] specializes in mobility. She probably has the best mobility [out] of all the cast due to the different ways in which she can get around.
  • Her square attacks are her usual kick attacks.
  • Triangles are “gravity” themed moves, including her slide and gravity kicks!
  • Circle is “other” stuff, including gravity pull/push moves.
  • She’s a combo character! I like to compare her to a simpler Dante in terms of her combo ability. She has simple combos that build a decent amount of AP and more advanced combos that allow her to AP burst.
  • She has a really cool move with neutral circle. She summons 3 pieces of random debris around her that she can hurl at opponents. The hurling has no start-up, but she is extremely vulnerable while summoning [it.] This move unlocks her advanced combos, as you can throw debris between attacks. For any of you MvC2 / COTA players, think Spiral’s swords.
  • Her level 2 super is sick. It’s kind of like a reverse Sir Daniel’s level 2, except she fires downwards instead of upwards. She also has a bit of control over when and where she fires the stalagmites.

Emmett Graves:

  • The point of Emmett is to bring his build and battle style to PASBR. He can utilize different weapon load-outs which he summons with triangle.
  • He can summon a turret to fire at opponents for extra AP. The turret is destructible, though.
  • He can also summon a Rift Extractor that generates AP, similar to PaRappa’s boombox.
  • His default weapon load-out is a standard rifle. He also uses a pistol in this load-out.
  • For close range battles his shotgun load-out is [the] best. [It] fires quickly, [he earns] 30 AP per hit, and you can fire in multiple directions.
  • Long range battles are best fought with the rocket launcher load-out. The rockets don’t travel super fast, but they’re aim-able and will travel the entire length of the screen.
  • Different load-outs will also have different grenades and mines to use.
  • His square attacks are melee based attacks that don’t change. They’re a bit limited, but rightfully so considering his other tools.
  • His level 1 super will change depending on which load-out you have, effectively giving him 5 supers total.
  • His level 3 is a transform super similar to Sweet Tooth. He jumps in his Hawk and goes to town! The Hawk has a machine gun, aerial mines, and melee attacks. What’s interesting is that circle will activate flight mode in which the Hawk flies off the screen and goes for a quick bombing run.
  • Flight Mode will immediately end his level 3. Why wouldn’t you try to get some kills first before activating Flight Mode, you ask?! Well, the amount of “bombing” that the Hawk does will depend on how many kills you’ve gotten so far. So, if you’ve already scored 3 kills with the Hawk’s other moves, the bombing run won’t be as effective as it would have been if you activated at only 1 or 2 kills.

Video-philes will also be pleased to know that Clockw0rk” has confirmed that both Kat and Emmett will be showcased strutting their stuff in “New Challenger” videos similar to the rest of the cast (sans the first 8 characters). The DLC also includes a new stage called Fearless, a mash-up of Heavenly Sword and WipEout.

Are you excited for the upcoming free DLC? Whose play-style seems to suit you best? Let me know in the comments.


All-Star Fever = duo review coming

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After playing endless hours of both Playstation all-stars battle royal & Sonic & All-Stars racing transformed, I have decided to do a duo review on both games at the same time.I feel that I have unlocked enough via both games in that I can give a well opinionated review.However, I must also test out the vita version of sonic all-stars when it comes out in a few days so I can be fair.

Heavenly Sword/wipeout Stage Coming to PlayStation All-Stars

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At an event in Santa Monica today, Sony confirmed that the first downloadable stage for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be a mash-up of Heavenly Sword and WipEout.


The stage will be included as part of the same downloadable content pack offeringGravity Rush’s Kat and Starhawk’s Emmett Graves as downloadable characters.

As Sony previously announced, the pack will be free for the first two weeks it’s available and is expected in early 2013.


Youtube app for ps vita updated + system firmware

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Attention ps vita owners.There are 2 updates now live for the playstation Vita.The first one is most likely a ps vita ps plus fix that was promised by sony.The second update is for the ps vita’s youtube app, here are the deets on the youtube app changes.

Youtube version 2.00

Support for the channels feature on youtube has been added.

Support for playlist and watch later features has been added.

The playback feature has been improved, including support for continuos playback.

Support for displaying captions has been added

You can now operate using the buttons on the PS Vita system.

You can share videos with Group messaging or Twitter.

The software stability has been improoved.

New ps All-stars patch coming sometime nextweek

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Via Superbots tumblr,  community manager Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago has narrated that next week we can expect a Ps Allstars patch that will include some tweaks and add a new item into the mix.Here is the full thingy…

Yo! PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has been out for a week and a half, and we’ve already gotten heaps of constructive feedback from the community regarding everything from game balance to the online experience. With that said, we have our first patch going live early next week. Changes include:

  • A new item, Medusa’s Gaze, has been added to the game
  • View Invites has been added to the Party Bar Menu
  • Voice chat icon added to loading screens
  • AI logic enhancements
  • Network performance improvements
    • Issue where players were stuck with a different character than the one picked has been addressed
    • Issue with matchmaking in regards to player skill has been addressed
    • Overall improvements to network connectivity
  • Sackboy changes
    • Level 1 Super – Increase cost from 100 to 150 AP
    • Level 2 Super – Increase cost from 325 to 400 AP
    • Level 3 Super – Increase cost from 600 to 750 AP
    • Jam Session (Neutral Triangle) – Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 10 AP
    • Cakeinator (Neutral Circle) – Reduced AP generation from 25 down to 20 AP

We want to thank everyone for all the feedback we’ve received since launch. It helps us tremendously in improving the All-Stars experience. We’ll continue to closely monitor the data coming in as players online continue to kick-punch-chop their way through the leaderboards! And we ask that you keep tweeting, posting, and discussing ways that your experience with the game can be improved.



Ps All-Stars Character Bio’s 20 of 20 ” Spike

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For the past twenty days, the gam3dorkblog has been posting one bio a day leading up to todays release of Ps-All-Stars Battle Royal. The playstation celebration is finally here but lets not embark on our journeys without first introducing our last All-Star.


Spike:(Game: Ape Escape (series)

Origin (System)- Ps1


A young and energetic fourth-grader, Spike is accidentally sucked into a time machine by the hands of Specter, an ape granted uncanny intelligence through the use of an experimental cap. Spike embarks on a quest to stop Specter and his ape army, thwarting them using a variety of weapons, tools, and gadgets provided by his friend the Professor, including clubs, slingshots, an RC Satellite Laser, and Bananarang.

Super Moves


  • Ape Escape
  • Ape Escape Pumped and Primed
  • Ape Escape Million Monkeys
  • Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission

Ape Escape Gameplay

Ps All-star Gameplay-Spike


Enjoy your gaming and when blogging anything about ps all-stars unlockables, secrets & easter eggs, remember to plop Spoiler Alert infront of it.