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New PS All-Stars: Zeus & Isaac, MediEvil + The Unfinished Swan Level

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: ZeusPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Isaac

2 new challengers will be joining the Ps All-Stars roster March 19 2013.

Who are they? Well none other than the god Zeus himself & Dead Space’s Isaac Clark courtesy of EA. Both characters are extremely Bad A** and have many interesting details too their details to their being & movesets. For instance, the light strip on Isaac back actually changes color depending on whether you are winning or loosing in battle. Zeus’s moves can change and increase in power depending out the direction and holding various attack buttons.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

There will also be a level mash up of  MediEvil and Unfinished Swan which looks awesome…Fans of both franchises will notice many easter eggs thrown about.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC 2



Each character will be 4.99 each while the Level known as ” Graveyard will be 1.99 but the nice people at Sony Santa Monica have stated that if you buy  the new upcoming God of war: Ascension the characters will be FREE as a redeemable downloadable voucher code.God of war launches on March 12th. To get more detailed information about the characters and level, check out the full article on the playstation blog  and watch this detailed video where Seth Killian goes over the movesets, supers and all with the IGN boys.




Kat & Emmet 2 week Free Dlc coming next month+more

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PlayStation All-Stars: KatPlayStation All-Stars: Emmett

Incase you havent been following Superbot, the PlayStationblog , or dont own a Facebook page, Superbot has just informed us that the new Kat & Emmet Dlc will be arriving Feb 12 2013 and as stated before, will be free for the first 2 weeks. The new level “Fearless’ based on Heavenly sword which comes equipped with a Wipeout mash-up will also be available in Feb but will not be free. No word on pricing just yet, nor do we know how much the free dlc will cost after the 2 weeks. More excitedly, Superbot expresses that we will hear some more news about forth coming dlc characters in March. Just enough time to try out and wear out the new characters and keep p the hype. You can find all the specifics plus character trailers HERE

New Info on Ps All-stars’s Kat & Emmet DLC from Clockw0rk

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For the past couple of weeks we haven’t heard anything new about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s upcoming (initially free) DLC. Well, if you’ve been scratching your balls & aching for details then you’re in luck buddy.

A SuperBot Entertainment developer/community manger aka Mr Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago has posted a lengthy list of detailed Battle Royale notes for Gravity Rush‘s Kat, and Starhawk‘s Emmett Graves:


  • [She’s] mainly a rush-down character [who] specializes in mobility. She probably has the best mobility [out] of all the cast due to the different ways in which she can get around.
  • Her square attacks are her usual kick attacks.
  • Triangles are “gravity” themed moves, including her slide and gravity kicks!
  • Circle is “other” stuff, including gravity pull/push moves.
  • She’s a combo character! I like to compare her to a simpler Dante in terms of her combo ability. She has simple combos that build a decent amount of AP and more advanced combos that allow her to AP burst.
  • She has a really cool move with neutral circle. She summons 3 pieces of random debris around her that she can hurl at opponents. The hurling has no start-up, but she is extremely vulnerable while summoning [it.] This move unlocks her advanced combos, as you can throw debris between attacks. For any of you MvC2 / COTA players, think Spiral’s swords.
  • Her level 2 super is sick. It’s kind of like a reverse Sir Daniel’s level 2, except she fires downwards instead of upwards. She also has a bit of control over when and where she fires the stalagmites.

Emmett Graves:

  • The point of Emmett is to bring his build and battle style to PASBR. He can utilize different weapon load-outs which he summons with triangle.
  • He can summon a turret to fire at opponents for extra AP. The turret is destructible, though.
  • He can also summon a Rift Extractor that generates AP, similar to PaRappa’s boombox.
  • His default weapon load-out is a standard rifle. He also uses a pistol in this load-out.
  • For close range battles his shotgun load-out is [the] best. [It] fires quickly, [he earns] 30 AP per hit, and you can fire in multiple directions.
  • Long range battles are best fought with the rocket launcher load-out. The rockets don’t travel super fast, but they’re aim-able and will travel the entire length of the screen.
  • Different load-outs will also have different grenades and mines to use.
  • His square attacks are melee based attacks that don’t change. They’re a bit limited, but rightfully so considering his other tools.
  • His level 1 super will change depending on which load-out you have, effectively giving him 5 supers total.
  • His level 3 is a transform super similar to Sweet Tooth. He jumps in his Hawk and goes to town! The Hawk has a machine gun, aerial mines, and melee attacks. What’s interesting is that circle will activate flight mode in which the Hawk flies off the screen and goes for a quick bombing run.
  • Flight Mode will immediately end his level 3. Why wouldn’t you try to get some kills first before activating Flight Mode, you ask?! Well, the amount of “bombing” that the Hawk does will depend on how many kills you’ve gotten so far. So, if you’ve already scored 3 kills with the Hawk’s other moves, the bombing run won’t be as effective as it would have been if you activated at only 1 or 2 kills.

Video-philes will also be pleased to know that Clockw0rk” has confirmed that both Kat and Emmett will be showcased strutting their stuff in “New Challenger” videos similar to the rest of the cast (sans the first 8 characters). The DLC also includes a new stage called Fearless, a mash-up of Heavenly Sword and WipEout.

Are you excited for the upcoming free DLC? Whose play-style seems to suit you best? Let me know in the comments.


Heavenly Sword/wipeout Stage Coming to PlayStation All-Stars

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At an event in Santa Monica today, Sony confirmed that the first downloadable stage for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be a mash-up of Heavenly Sword and WipEout.


The stage will be included as part of the same downloadable content pack offeringGravity Rush’s Kat and Starhawk’s Emmett Graves as downloadable characters.

As Sony previously announced, the pack will be free for the first two weeks it’s available and is expected in early 2013.


New Ps All-stars Interview with Omar Kendall

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PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Director On Choosing Characters, Vita Development

written by Spencer of “

The initial PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster has 20 playable characters and Superbot plans to expand that number through downloadable content. We met with Omar Kendall, the director of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at Superbot Entertainment, to talk about the process of getting characters for the mascot fighting game and how they developed the PlayStation Vita version.

Was it difficult to get all these third-party characters in the game?

Omar Kendall, Director: It is rather amazing that we have all of these different characters from all of these different publishers in the same game. But, even getting the first-party characters into the game was a big challenge.  It wasn’t just like, “Oh, we’re making a PlayStation game, so we get all the dudes.” [Where] we open up the catalog and say, “That guy, that guy, that guy.”

It’s like, “Oh, we want to use Kratos.” We need to go talk to the God of War team. “Oh, we want to use Drake.” We need to go talk to the Uncharted guys, and get their permission. They have the right to say yes, they have the right to say no. They have the right to say, “You can use our character this way. He needs to look that way. You can only use these moves.”

All IP-holders have a right to do that. So, we started that process with the first-party characters and got a really good roster of those guys, and then started branching out to third-parties, because of PlayStation being so synonymous with third-party titles. You have to have third-party characters in a game like this.

And once we had a working build that we could put in publishers hands and say, “Hey, I want Heihachi Mishima in this game. This is the kind of game we’re making, these are the sorts of things we would do with your character”—we could demonstrate that we had a skill and love for these characters and the type of game we were making and that went a long way with publishers.
And they were all really super cool, and they got it, and they understood what we wanted to do from a game standpoint and a fan standpoint.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Director On Choosing Characters, Vita Development

Are there any first-party characters you wanted to bring in that you couldn’t?

I think we really did hit the very high-level top-line characters—past, present and future—from the PlayStation universe. There probably is a character or franchise out there that we didn’t hit this time around, but we are doing DLC for the game, so there’s always an opportunity to add to it.
But, I think, when you listen to what the fans are asking for the loudest, we definitely hit all of it. I mean, Kratos, Drake, Cole, Ratchet, Daxter.

What about on the third-party side?

From the third-party standpoint, honestly we would love to have a character from every franchise that was on PlayStation, right? But, I think the realities of what we were able to achieve from a production standpoint and different IP and what’s going on with those particular franchises and publishers, sometimes the logistics don’t work out. But the door is always open, and there’s always an opportunity for DLC.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Director On Choosing Characters, Vita Development

Did you try for Crash Bandicoot at all? Crash was so synonymous with the PlayStation brand early on even though he’s at Activision now.

Yeah. I have to say it’s not that Superbot is some independent developer chasing down third-party characters. This is a negotiation that happens on a much higher level than Superbot, with Sony and Activision, these two giant companies.

And I completely understand how big and important a character like Crash is to the PlayStation universe. We want to make it clear to fans that we understand how important a character Crash is to the PlayStation universe. Obviously, we try everything in our power to try and get characters like Crash.

What can you tell us about the DLC characters?

We won’t be talking specifically about DLC characters [yet], other than to say that we will absolutely be doing them.

The DLC will be cross-compatible with the Vita version, right?

Yes, absolutely.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Director On Choosing Characters, Vita Development

Are there any secret characters in the game that you still haven’t revealed?

Playable? No. We’ve got our 20 launch characters and they’re unlocked from day one. We’ve got some secrets, but not on our playable roster. If I really dig Sly Cooper and he’s not unlocked on day one, that’s going to be a bummer for me, so we want to make sure the characters are available.

When did development on the Vita version start? Was it really difficult to pivot and do both platforms simultaneously?

Well, we actually worked with Bluepoint Games who actually created our engine. They handled our Vita port, so it was essentially co-developed simultaneously. They ran just a couple of weeks behind us in terms of what we put in the game and what they incorporated in the Vita version.
I got to say we wouldn’t have been able to do it without those guys. They’re working really hard right now to finalize the Vita version, and they’re an amazing group down there.  I don’t want to call it a “port”. The Vitaversion of the game is really amazing.


Daniel Maniago of SuperBot. Confirms Dlc Characters & Levels

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Daniel Maniago, Community Manager at SuperBot has confirmed that dlc characters & levels will be coming to Sony’s new mascot brawler.You can check out the full interview via the french psblog that I have kindly translated for  you below.

PlayStation Blog – Hello Daniel, can you introduce us to your post?

Daniel Maniago – Hello, I’m Daniel Maniago, Community Manager at SuperBot.

How did you get the idea to consolidate all PlayStation heroes in a single game?

We wanted to collect as many iconic heroes as possible in a single game and we have tried to include the best characters in a fighting game.

How to find the right balance between all the characters who already have power, those who do not?

We wanted to include as many different fighting styles as possible to be sure that the players choose their favorite character, and that this is a rather nice character Sackboy as or a little more serious as Kratos or Nathan Drake. I think the charm of the game is that you can fight against Parappa Fat Princess or against Kratos Sackboy.

What is your favorite character in the game?

This is Raiden Metal Gear Rising. I love the fact that it moves in our game just like in the new game Metal Gear. It is great to handle screen, this is a very cool.

Which is more important to you the spirit PlayStation?

This is definitely Parappa the Rapper. I am a true fan, I grew up with him and when the game was released, it was truly revolutionary! It was not the game as long or as hard but it was really special with a special touch and creativity for some time on the first PlayStation.

Will there be other characters and other arenas after leaving the game with downloadable content?

Yes, there will be additional characters, as well as other forms of DLC levels.

Do you have any tricks to reveal the players a preview?

Yes. You know, each character has multiple attacks and my personal advice is that you focus on a character that you like and that you were trying to focus on three or four attacks to be the best possible deal with your buddies.

And my second advice is that you choose your favorite character to really make you feel as close to him during the fight and you’re more confident. We have worked hard to make each character as close as possible to what it is in his own franchise.

We have other quick questions ready?


What is your first memory of PlayStation?

It was the first Tekken PlayStation 2, it has long been my favorite fighting game.

You rather:

Nathan Drake or Lara Croft?

It is difficult to make a choice, I love Nathan Drake but also Lara Croft! It’s too hard to decide.


I think I’m rather GST.

Solo or Multi?

Multiplayer 200%! It is also the purpose of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale , the game more on the PS3 and PS Vita, social experience and sharing.

PS3 black or white or silver or red?

The black is very good, and most recently she was redesignated!

Rather Call of Duty or GTA?

GTA I say, I love the freedom offered by the game

Daniel thank you for this interview!

Thank you!


Paul Gale’s rumored remaining or dlc characters for Ps-All-stars :Battle Royal

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Paul Gale Network

Paul Gale, the man responsible for leaking the first bits of information about the game (which all turned out true btw) Has revealed the letter he wrote to Superbot about the rumored remaining or dlc characters.In his letter, Paul gave Superbot until today (OCT 10) to reply & stop him from releasing the said info via his blog.Well, Superbot apparently didn’t reply to his email so without further ad-due,  Here is what was said:

It was on October 1st, in this article, that I shared with you all an edited version of the e-mail I sent SuperBot Entertainment. After your tweets, e-mails, and comments, I decided to share the whole thing in one go. This story today, however, is coming after Omar Kendall stated that the game will include just the 20 playable characters already revealed. Does that mean that the final information that I’m presenting to you now is not correct? Unfortunately, that might very well be the case.

That being said, however, I never did lie or put up fake news/hints, etc. Over the course of 12 months reporting on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (since its Title Fight days), I’ve put up only what I was given. And thus, my hints only reflected the information I had. Take this for what you will:


25th Anniversary Division:
Cloud Strife, Old Solid Snake

PS2 Anniversary Division:

PSX Anniversary Division:
Crash Bandicoot

That rounded out the complete list that I was given, tallying 24 characters for the game in total. It was not mentioned to me whom from that list would be available on the disc, as is, whom might be unlockable if you went that route, or whom would me made available exclusively as DLC. Furthermore, it was being speculated that your team was in a negotiation state with Ubisoft, in determining whether to use Altaïr, Ezio, or Connor. Connor was said to be the most likely Assassin’s Creed candidate, as it would correlate with the new game’s release. Finally, Kat’s inclusion was unknown, but being considered after SuperBot began to read fans’ own wishlists across the internet…but unknown as to whether or not she made it in. That’s what I was given. With those last two, IF they made it, and IF all information that was provided to me was as correct as the first batch of 20 that I received periodically, the complete roster of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale would equal 26 when all DLC was complete.

I really don’t want to put this story up if it’s going to spoil anything for you. I know you all worked hard and believe me, for one single person to come from one relatively small site in comparison to what’s out there and to be the “voice” behind this game for a year now, it’s been a great experience affecting millions world wide, all the while building up hype for your game, creating early talk, pre-orders, a hopeful increase in sales, and a linkage and story unlike any other in this industry before. It’s been an honor, being chosen and given the information by my friend, to promote the game and even know about it for as long as I have.

Unless you tell me not to put up the aforementioned list, I will put up the information by October 10th. You don’t have to confirm or deny anyone to me. I will abide by your rules if you respond, even with a quote that I would turn into an article, saying that SuperBot told me, “**Here goes what you’d address my audience with**.” Nothing will get out (whether the information I have remaining is accurate or not) and your fans will respect that move by both you and see that I have to remain silent, simultaneously understanding my decision to comply.

Thank you for your time as usual.
Best regards,
Paul Gale
Paul Gale Network


The list of remaining characters at one point, got up to 28/30. Though not in the game, the following were considered for inclusion: Chun Li or Ryu from Street Fighter to round out the 25th Anniversary Division, Ico to be a part of the PS2 Division, and both Spyro the Dragon and Dart Feld as part of the PSX Division. Those four did not make the final cut according to my source, but the four included in the article and two potential DLC additions, were apparently part of the poster. I haven’t seen the poster and it may even be moot at this point, because if Omar said the final roster includes 20, then my friend simply might have been thrown off by 4, somewhere down the road.

But now you can see that yes, me on the jet ski was for Crash, dying my hair blonde and looking up at the clouds was for Cloud Strife, the picture of me holding a piece of paper that said 1987 while sporting a beard was Snake, and me on top of a dragon, punching it was for Shadow of the Colossus’ Wander. Likewise, I found the best mountain background/desert region to simulate what I could without saying anything. And though all this time I did take other pictures that weren’t as vague, including being half naked in a hallway for Raiden, urinating on a wall for Big Daddy, and jumping in the air in a burlap sack at the park for Sackboy, I put up hints the best way I could, to try and let SuperBot do their own thing.

In the end, the information that my friend gave me proved true for 20/20 so far, including all stages, modes, rivalries, and so on. Whether these final four are in the game or not and whether or not the DLC will be planned as such (to include the supposed final characters), is something I don’t know…and nor does my contact. If fake info was given out, it worked, because I thought it was real and really had no reason to believe otherwise this entire time. If these final four make the game, then excellent…I was 24/24. Thank you all for your support and if this last bit that I’m sharing with you now proves false, I apologize for getting your hopes up. Here’s to hoping that regardless, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale winds up being one of this holiday’s most successful games for PlayStation 3. I appreciate your time, friendship, and understanding. Here’s to November 20th.

Thanks, SuperBot.

Update: The order in which the final characters were suppose to be revealed were Cloud and Snake at TGS because of Final Fantasy’s and Metal Ger’s 25th anniversaries being that month, followed by Wander, and ultimately, Crash Bandicoot as the #1 most requested character, pitched to SuperBot, including in my own “Write to SuperBot article“.