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Games and guns dont Kill People, Real guns and People Kill People.

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Over the past few months if not years, there has been plenty waves of GUN violence at various schools, malls, movie theaters neighborhoods and even churches. With tons of innocent people & children being the targets, each killer seems to have no remorse for what they’ve done, some even killing themselves in the process leaving no explanation to the chaos they just unleashed upon the world. One things for sure, and thats that they were all mentally unbalanced. The one thing they find in the younger Killers though is they usually  play or have played violent video games. This connection alone has always tried to put a bad light  on violent video games, so what do I think?

I hate real violence but I have no problem with violence in movies & video games. It’s a different story for movies that are based on true stories though, like passion of the Christ, Titanic (lol), Elephant etc. Those are the one thing I have always had a hard time viewing due to just not wanting to see how a tragedy actually hadn’t etc. Though I play everything from Super mario, Playstation All-Stars & Little Big Planet, some of my more favorite games involve shooting tons of zombies, aliens, various human enemies or random pedestrians like Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Red Dead Redemption,COD, Max Payne or Far cry 3. Though its fun to laugh and kill people in most these games, what I can say for most of us gamers is that video games/movies in no way trigger anything in our minds that makes us want to do it in real life to anybody. In fact, for me, the only thing that ever made me want to get a real gun was when I got mugged when I was younger but I would take a Green Light Saber any day.

Now do I think that someone with a mental illness might get a different Kick out of these types of video games?Yes. These games most likely do play a (small) part in their would be fantasy to murder, kill or get revenge on those they may feel have failed them in some way or bullied them sporadically. But do I blame those video games on triggering the violence?NO. I believe with every mass killer, there is always something unknown and underlined going on in their lives that we just wont & dont understand early enough & eventually, they just snap and its too late. So even if they had never played those video games they probably would’ve tried to kill another way.

For most kids, its not having the tools or the ability to deal with family issues, peer pressure or being made fun of at school, home & work etc . When it comes to those issues, we have to point my fingers at both the parents and society because throughout life there hasn’t been enough examples of heroes and people that stand up for others and try to understand them. The Parents also have to be careful how they are treating and raising their kids as well as each other. A mom or dad may be to strick and violent with the child or significant other and when children are exposed to stuff like that constantly they grow up with that same anger and most likely withdraw from the world or become bullies. In some cases, the parents just dont pay attention to their kids and what they get into or what they might be influenced by and that can hurt them and everybody in the long run. On a separate note, there is a fine line between being influenced by drugs/gang life & having an erge to kill someone for either no reason or because they laughed at you all year at high-school or college etc.

So where am I on gun violence? I do believe that either only law enforcement should be allowed to use guns or that all bullets should be replaced by rubber ones.Yes there will always be someone somewhere who guns a real gun or bullet from some unknown source or some guy in some basement who knows how to make them but at this point in time everybody needs to work together to boycott real life violence. The less guns the better because whats to say any gun collector wont just up and snap or maybe someone gets robbed and the robbers kill them and get away with their guns etc.

I dont even know if I am making any points here but the fact is that stopping violence in video games will not help the problem, it will just hurt gamers. People & Parents have to limit mental persons & children’s video game habits at a certain age just as they would with certain movies etc.Either way, new games will always be made and the old ones will always be there. How you handle it from here on out is up to you.