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New Info on Ps All-stars’s Kat & Emmet DLC from Clockw0rk

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For the past couple of weeks we haven’t heard anything new about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s upcoming (initially free) DLC. Well, if you’ve been scratching your balls & aching for details then you’re in luck buddy.

A SuperBot Entertainment developer/community manger aka Mr Daniel “Clockw0rk” Maniago has posted a lengthy list of detailed Battle Royale notes for Gravity Rush‘s Kat, and Starhawk‘s Emmett Graves:


  • [She’s] mainly a rush-down character [who] specializes in mobility. She probably has the best mobility [out] of all the cast due to the different ways in which she can get around.
  • Her square attacks are her usual kick attacks.
  • Triangles are “gravity” themed moves, including her slide and gravity kicks!
  • Circle is “other” stuff, including gravity pull/push moves.
  • She’s a combo character! I like to compare her to a simpler Dante in terms of her combo ability. She has simple combos that build a decent amount of AP and more advanced combos that allow her to AP burst.
  • She has a really cool move with neutral circle. She summons 3 pieces of random debris around her that she can hurl at opponents. The hurling has no start-up, but she is extremely vulnerable while summoning [it.] This move unlocks her advanced combos, as you can throw debris between attacks. For any of you MvC2 / COTA players, think Spiral’s swords.
  • Her level 2 super is sick. It’s kind of like a reverse Sir Daniel’s level 2, except she fires downwards instead of upwards. She also has a bit of control over when and where she fires the stalagmites.

Emmett Graves:

  • The point of Emmett is to bring his build and battle style to PASBR. He can utilize different weapon load-outs which he summons with triangle.
  • He can summon a turret to fire at opponents for extra AP. The turret is destructible, though.
  • He can also summon a Rift Extractor that generates AP, similar to PaRappa’s boombox.
  • His default weapon load-out is a standard rifle. He also uses a pistol in this load-out.
  • For close range battles his shotgun load-out is [the] best. [It] fires quickly, [he earns] 30 AP per hit, and you can fire in multiple directions.
  • Long range battles are best fought with the rocket launcher load-out. The rockets don’t travel super fast, but they’re aim-able and will travel the entire length of the screen.
  • Different load-outs will also have different grenades and mines to use.
  • His square attacks are melee based attacks that don’t change. They’re a bit limited, but rightfully so considering his other tools.
  • His level 1 super will change depending on which load-out you have, effectively giving him 5 supers total.
  • His level 3 is a transform super similar to Sweet Tooth. He jumps in his Hawk and goes to town! The Hawk has a machine gun, aerial mines, and melee attacks. What’s interesting is that circle will activate flight mode in which the Hawk flies off the screen and goes for a quick bombing run.
  • Flight Mode will immediately end his level 3. Why wouldn’t you try to get some kills first before activating Flight Mode, you ask?! Well, the amount of “bombing” that the Hawk does will depend on how many kills you’ve gotten so far. So, if you’ve already scored 3 kills with the Hawk’s other moves, the bombing run won’t be as effective as it would have been if you activated at only 1 or 2 kills.

Video-philes will also be pleased to know that Clockw0rk” has confirmed that both Kat and Emmett will be showcased strutting their stuff in “New Challenger” videos similar to the rest of the cast (sans the first 8 characters). The DLC also includes a new stage called Fearless, a mash-up of Heavenly Sword and WipEout.

Are you excited for the upcoming free DLC? Whose play-style seems to suit you best? Let me know in the comments.



SuperBot/Sony/IAM8BIT Playstation All-Stars La BeatDown Review

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1st off   (Note: pictures will be uploaded gradually)

After waiting 7 hours in line for Superbot & Sony’s ” LA BEATDOWN/Playstation All-Star event hosted by iam8bit,

my legs were nearly about to give out, but as soon as me & countless other hungry gamers stepped through the door, we were rewarded with a plethora of  novelty items (mini ps all-star items & weapon museum) , Free one of a kind shirts+posters created by Bone-face,  complimentary all you can drink alcoholic beverages(yes they also had water) delicious food great music & about 50 or so screens (including a gigantic projector on the wall) displaying the full versions of Ps-all-stars battle royal.

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The game modeThe mode that was available (at least for me) for the event was the one that required players to get a certain amount of kills with no timer. Modes like this are fast, fun and forces you to think fast.

CHARACTERSI was unaware when I came to this event that I would be able to PLAY AS ANY FREAKN CHARACTER I DAMN WELL PLEEEEEASE…Incase you didn’t hear (read) what I just said, All 20 characters were playable at this event (including the before mentioned dlc pre order alternative costumes).Though I could have played with every character, I chose to restrain myself to only a few of my favorites. I kicked a** as  Spike, Sir Daniel, Sack Boy, Dante, Jak & Daxter, Heihachi, Toro & Good Cole. All of them played well and as you’d expect & every character plays totally different, which leaves much room for every type of gamer to pick up & play, as well as different forcing you to use different strategies for each character.

The levelsDo to my crappy camera at the time, it was hard to get good snaps of gameplay and the levels but all levels were playable at Superbots Event. All I have to say is that I have never cared about wtf  was going on in the background in a fighting game until now. Each level is fun & so well designed that you almost just want to stop fighting and see what’s going on back…I got to try a decent amount of Levels out but it should be noted that I went to the event half as a fan half a journalist. With that said, I forgot to check for important things like if there was a shadow of colossus themed level or the one that looked like Ico or Shadow of the colossus etc…Again though, the levels are da bomb and so many things happen that make you feel sort of amazed to be playing on them.

Weapons: Tons of new weapons and items were available at certain moments during the game, giving us better chances to rack up some AP. Lots of  fun can be had with the vast array of items that span across the all-stars franchises.

Who was there-Probably the coolest thing about this event was being able to chat with, thank & and play this game with the creators, dev team of what I know is an amazing game. I got a few words in with Chan Park, Omar KendallSeth Killian & Notorious Blogger” Paul Gale, as well as several members of the dev team etc.


To Chan Park & Seth, I asked if aside from DLC Characters, would there be any Dlc weapons, Levels or even Supers down the line, to which they replied with positive maybe’s minus the Supers as it might be a bit much for the game etc. To Omar I  simply asked him about the possibly of Pyramid Head being in the game as dlc or if had been considered at one point” He repeatedly replied” Pyramid Heads a good character. Though I don’t know how many of you out there actually thought of pyramid head being a character but I sure did as we need more Ps horror reps so you can take it how you want it.

The Reaction:  I would like to note that everyones reactions to the game was extremely positive.People were excited and kept the momentum going throughout the night. This event was good for 3 reasons, to give the fans a privilege to play the game early, for promotion & to show that you can actually have a hardcore style competition thats fun and holds up like street fighter would.I think all the Ooooooooooooooooooohs & Awwwwww snaaaaaaaaps’s throughout the night proved that…lol

So Who’s the Boss

Some of you think you know who the boss is but I can assure you that it is not Tony Danza. None the less I know who the boss is but I cant decide if I want to tell you just yet. How do you know I know? You Don’t, but its definitely not a speculation of sorts, as it was a direct hint given to me by one of the devs there. It was a hint I could follow to find out if it was true and you guys will never guess so I will just say it..Never mind just go here to my buddy Paul Gale’s Blog…lol All in all this game is going to be as awesome as all of us think. They have put together a fine creation that I believe stands on its own and is no where near smash bros.If anything you could say they compliment each other instead of being in direct competition on. Why play just one when you can play both smash & Ps All-stars. Each game is and will be unique in its own way but honestly, I cant wait to see what Superbot cooks up next.