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Ratchet & Clank FFA Vita Finally out Tomorrow

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Just a quick Reminder that Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault for Playstation Vita finally drops tomorrow. For a lot of us this has been a long ride as the game had been delayed twice, while it was supposed to originally be released the same day as the console version as a part of Sony’s Cross-buy program. For those who are still under a rock regarding cross-buy, it basically allows Ps3 owners to buy Ps3 versions of games while receiving free downloadable versions of the Ps vita counterparts. Other games that have supported this so far are games like Gauacamelee, Playstation Allstars Battle Royal, Retro City Rampage, Soundshapes & more.


As far as R&C FFA goes, I have played the Ps3 version and liked it so much that I stopped playing to single player campaign, so I could continue on the Vita version using the cross-save feature. This has been one hell of a wait…lol…Come tomorrow I can finally continue playing this awesome game while also trying out the new cross-play feature that allows Ps3/ps vita owners to play with & against each other .For those who still havent tried the game out, R&C FFA takes the classic gameplay of the R&C series and adds a new element of tower & base defense as you have to protect your bases from several alien forces & robots etc. I look forward to testing out the Vita version and I hope its a beautiful as it looks…

UPDATE: Overall, R&C FFA Vita is the same exact game with silght Frame-rate issues via single player & for some reason way darker than its console counterpart. Oddly enough, the multiplayer is just fine and doesn’t acquire the same issues. Sadly, I would still have to recommend the console version first if you are thinking of playing this game. I cant help but think that Sony could’ve saved a lot of money by just adding remote-play & cross-controller support.