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Xbox 720 reveal tomorrow “Who’s Ready

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on May 21, 2013 by nonsenzeisdorkgeniuz

With the Ps4’s reveal already passed us, most of us are already on board and have made a conscious decision to support Sony’s newest console when it releases towards the end of the year. With so many rumors and bad press regarding the xbox 720, we are still waiting to see what Microsoft has up its sleeve that can possibly compare & compete with the Ps4. Come tomorrow, that wait will be over and with E3 right around the corner, we can only expect both Microsoft & Sony to bring nothing less than their A game’s to the show. Seeing as Microsoft has seen all the goodies that Sony has to offer with the Ps4, we can assume Microsoft had went back to the drawing board to take away or add some extra competing or compelling features & secure exclusive games that will amaze all gamers alike. Whatever the case, Microsoft has a lot to prove as Sony has tons  of surprises for both the Ps4 & the Playstation Vita.

Though I own both an Ps3 & 360 I have never really been a fan of the fact Xbox required you to pay for services to do anything online, especially when you could do all the same stuff for free on the Ps3. With that said I am pretty much their biggest critic at this point. You can watch the Nextbox reveal tomorrow at around 8am or so on IGN here . I will try to report on anything I find interesting and keep you up to date.